Ruth Marcus: “Nunes memo is no smoking gun”

Washington Compost’s Ruth Marcus offers up official media spin on the un-importance of the FISA memo. She has to be the most un-curious, most trusting person in Washington or trying yet another angle to explain away the weaponizing of Obama’s DOJ and FBI. Watch

Is that makeup around her eyes or did she cross Ike Turner recently?

40 Comments on Ruth Marcus: “Nunes memo is no smoking gun”

  1. On the boards I frequent, the ones infested by leftists, it took until mid-morning for them to start preaching this lie. That’s how long it took for the talking point to arrive. They are the true bots.

  2. Funny how the memo was “Dangerously Reckless” on Thursday, and a “Nothingburger” on Friday. Or in the case of schizophrenic Comey, both at the same time everyday. You just have to laugh at them sometimes.

  3. The Post was bad enough before but now that Bezos is in charge it’s gotten incredibly worse. Bezos is this generations George Soros. The upside is that is always only one hard hack away from dissolution.

  4. To quote Julian Assange:

    “James Comey, master of logic: FISA memo is nothing — and also the destroyer of worlds.”

  5. No, it isn’t the smoking gun, it’s a casing left and a bullet recovered at the scene of a crime, forensics has it and is writing a report.

  6. And let’s not forget that Russia pays WaPo to print their propaganda…

    “Russia Beyond or RBTH, originally called Russia Beyond the Headlines, is a multilingual news and information resource that offers news, comment, opinion and analysis on culture, politics, business, science and public life in Russia. It is part of Rossiyskaya Gazeta,[1] which is owned by the government of Russia.[2]”

  7. Ruth Marcus: vying for the title of Most Irrelevant Columnist in a paper vying for the title of Most Irrelevant Publication.

  8. In the defense of those on the left, after all, the memo was 4 pages long, with a lot of words. They can’t be expected to actually read all that.

  9. If anyone thinks that we can reason with people like this then you’d be as delusional as they are.
    There is no way this country’s divide can end peacefully. We’ll continue to butt heads until an outbreak of violence that snowballs into a full civil rebellion.
    Personally, I don’t want these people as neighbors, teachers or in any position of public authority. They’ve demonstrated repeatedly that they can’t be even handed and fair. They’ve also proven that they will attack you for your political views. I never thought I’d see this day come in the U.S.

  10. A new angle emerges by the hour, now another sad effort from this hag. The Dems are in free fall. God save the Republic!

  11. That guy, Rachel Maddow, was saying something like that’s on Twitter.
    One can almost hear their collective sigh of relief. It’s like they were expecting something bigger…

  12. “Nunes memo is no smoking gun”

    It just depends on who’s guns are smoking. Our soldiers killing your civilians is nothing to worry about.

  13. Word is, the memo is just the beginning — the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The dems are simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  14. So would Watergate be nothing but a breaking and entering nowadays and not a scandal big enough to end a presidency nowadays?
    This scandal is perjury by the FBI, DOJ, a presidential campaign, a Secretary of State and assorted politicians and civilians. It is abuse of power. Unconstitutionally spying on American citizens. Weaponizing law enforcement. Fraud.
    But, hey! It’s not important. It was only politics of liberals.

  15. That’s odd. When we were being told Trump was a bad guy, sans witnesses, documents, or evidence, the left told us this investigation was so hot it was on fire. Now that the facts are out and the left is exposed, there’s no smoke?

  16. It’s no smoking gun to progressives because lying is socially acceptable. We can thank Hillary for that because she lies all the time and the MSM backs her up.

    Speaking of Watergate, Hillary was fired for lying and now these FBI/DOJ officials’ lying is going to be her undoing.1

  17. To paraphrase one of the Founders: Our Constitution was designed for a moral and decent people; with any other kind, it will not work. This twisting of the FISA thingy by the libt
    ards and a compliant media proves the man was
    As PDT says this is a disgrace and (demorats) ought to be
    Keyboard all screwed up.

  18. The democrats are just a sociopathic hive mind now, running from the one lie to the next with incredible ease.

  19. “When ya got nuthin, ya got nuthin to lose …”

    The nihilistic totalitarians got nuthin. They think so little of their slaves that they can tell contrary lies in the same week with all the seriousness of a medical examiner explaining a cause of death. Tucker Carlson’s the only one who will laugh (out loud) at their stupid antics to their stupid faces.
    The media maggots frown and bob their heads pretending “gravitas” at the demonstrably ludicrous deceits.

    Such is America today.

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. The Progs are whining, because the “Memo” was written by republicans, but they didn’t have any problems releasing the “Dossier” which was totally a bunch of bought and paid for lies, written by ‘Swamp Monsters’.

  21. @organgrinder February 3, 2018 at 11:56 am

    > There is no way this country’s divide can end peacefully. We’ll continue to butt heads until an outbreak of violence that snowballs into a full civil rebellion.
    > …
    > I never thought I’d see this day come in the U.S.

    Nor did I. Like a hospice patient, waiting for a “big day” — maybe I won’t “go gentle into that good night”.

  22. “James Comey, master of logic:

    There’s only one Master of Logic involved in this game. And that guy is DJT. It’s getting entertaining watching the Pundits criticize him. I mean, my God, how many times do you need to be proven wrong before you actually consider yourself a non legitimate source. It’s actually getting sad. Having said that I believe Trump is way ahead of the idiot Mueller. This is a test of IQ’s and infrastructure. Trump’s gonna embarrass his ass. No longer a Marine I guess. Mueller forgot that oath.

  23. joe6pak

    You’re a business man. Me too. Been in a few high level negotiations in my time but Fxck. Trump takes the cake. That non breakfast video is going to be used in many a class room. Ya got your Secretary of State trying to keep from laughing, seated on your left, and you got John Kelly on the opposite end asking “where the fuck is the food”. Too damn American funny. God Bless Donald Trump.

  24. joe6pak

    BFH’s art work is suddenly semi prolific on the Takitcool Fb and IG sights. That Maxine Waters Retardo thing was all over the place. This time with his Water Mark on. I think you’re seeing some of those peeps poking around. Be patient, they’re probably good peeps. Let’s not jump the gun with them.


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