Ryan Lied, The Wall Was Denied

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President Trump gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Caller.  Part of that interview entailed President Trump outlining the back-story behind him signing the Omnibus spending bill and a promise from Paul Ryan. More

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  1. So whether a President trusts a Dem or a Rep Senator or Congressman and they LIE, it’s OK?

    Shouldn’t Ryan be paying a price for defying the will of the American voters? WTF!

    There is much rebuilding of this nation needed. Give Ryan, Boehner, Reid, Pelosi, and many others a shovel. And fit them for a ball and chain.

  2. Paul earned his moniker of “Lyin’ Ryan” well before Trump became President.
    Bumbling Boehner and the RINOs gave us spineless Ryan as Speaker and
    after the GOP lost the House we were given another RINO Kevin McCarthy of California as Minority leader of the House.

  3. This should come as a surprise to no one.

    When I checked Webster’s Dictionary I found this – Example of redundancy used in a sentence.

    Paul Ryan is an establishment Republican and a lying sack of shit…

  4. NEVER confuse there’s two parties. Ryan assured Nancy he would, as SoH, deny Trump Wall funding and pass the torch to her upon his departure.
    The Uniparty v the American ppl is alive and well, so much so they no longer pretend otherwise.

  5. WOW! I agree with all the comments!

    Anyone knowing me knows I like to argue! No arguments with any attacks on the progressive Paul.

    I will add I hope Ryan and Mitt burn in H*ll!

  6. Glad the swine left but he gave one last twist of the knife by installing his buffoonish stooge to replace him.


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