Ryan Opponent Supported By Notorious Scam PAC-er

Dan Backer is listed as the campaign treasurer for the Paul Nehlen (R-WI) run for Speaker of the House. Mr. Backer also has a reputation for creating Political Action Committees (PAC) that specialize in soliciting small donations while putting very little of the money into actually supporting a candidate or cause.

Dubbed Scam PACs, these entities appear to be more about making money for those operating them than for actually engaging in political speech and it’s all legal. According to Politico in 2014 Backer’s PACs soliciting money for various conservative causes “spent 87 percent of the $8 million they raised on operating expenses.”

Backer is not only directly involved with Nehlen’s campaign, but has also formed a PAC, Tea Party Forward, which has put about 80 percent of donations into operating expenses.

More on Backer and Nehlen’s campaign Here

More on Backer and his scam PACs Here

Scam PACs tend to associate themselves with a candidate with little chance of actually winning but who have characteristics well liked by Tea Party supporters; anti-RINO, veteran, tea party activist or being African American.   The Nehlen campaign may be an evolution in this strategy, where instead of looking for existing races that fit their criteria the scam PAC operators create a candidate, then fundraise for that person while compensating themselves a little too well for their effort.

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  1. So what is the point? Don’t support Nehlen and help RINO Ryan win his primary? If Satan is Nehlen’s campiaign treasurer, I’ll cut him another check as long as it used to defeat Ryan.

    Nehlen is running for speaker of the house? Try running against the Rino Ryan for his seat in the primary?

    Why would any small donors donate to a PAC when they can give direct to the Nehlen campign to buy those nice truthful billboards and other item?

    PACs are for the big donors who have reached their individual limit.

  2. First of all, Politico is not your friend unless you’re inside the beltway.

    Secondly, Nehlen has spent a lot of his own money and is running a credible campaign. Ryan – who won his last election by 90% is down to 43% and Nehlen is up to 33% in one month.

    I don’t doubt there are PAC scammers out there. We saw a lot of Tea Party scam groups – many were set up by hidden RINOs to discredit and demoralize just as many candidates ran on the Tea Party platform only to fall into the arms and pockets of the uniparty.

  3. Ryan is very popular in his district, 60% approval is a dip in the polls for him. Citizens in a district would be passing up a great opportunity for themselves to vote out a sitting speaker of the house, but hey it might happen.


    It’s your right to send money to unseat Ryan if you like, just know who Nelhen has on his campaign staff and decide if your money is well spent on particular race.

    The first article linked is MJS that identifies Backer as part of Nehlen’s campaign the second post from Politico is to provide context on Backer and the scam PAC phenomenon.

    Look into scam PACs for yourself if you don’t like reading the articles posted and look at Backer closer if you don’t like the source. But don’t claim you’ve been had if Nehlen fails to draw even 25% of the vote in that district and you sent money to support his run.

    If you feel that your campaign contribution is well spent when it looks like his treasurer regularly spends 80% or more on operational cost, then yes put your money against Paul Ryan.

  4. “It is an ugly, bitter tone that really clashes with the more upbeat, optimistic tone that people are used to hearing from people like Paul Ryan,” Sykes said. “And frankly, it underlines the fact that he’s not from around here and doesn’t appear to be familiar with any of the fights that we’ve had.” “It’s very much got the feel of a scam PAC directed from Alexandria, Virginia, rather than anything genuinely grassroots,” Sykes added.

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