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Ryan Saavedra, Please Leave the Daily Wire!!!

The only reason I go to the Daily Wire is because of Ryan Saavedra. Unfortunately when I go there I might step in a pile of Ben Shapiro.

The Daily Wire reader, James, commented with this—>

Shapiro lost it. I think my days of reading DW are coming to an end.

What has the talented Boy Wonder, Dick Shapiro, said now?

He wrote an essay about how Michael Avenatti can beat Trump in 2020. Yes, yes he did. That’s how much this twerp is rooting for the most conservative president in decades to fail. That’s how little he thinks of Donald Trump.

He’s earnestly suggesting that a whambulance chaser who most people never heard of (I can go out in the street now and ask 100 people if they ever heard of Michael Avenatti and I’m positive 80 of them will say he’s a blind opera singer) should be a feared foe.

Also, in Shapiro’s article, he drops the usual practice of saying “alleged” when unproven charges are discussed, and matter-of-factly states that Trump “screwed” Stormy Daniels.

 What better revenge on Trump than electing the lawyer for the porn star he once screwed?


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  1. Medved is just as bad, if not worse. Back in the 1990’s Medved’s #1 butt buddy was Mike Seigel, another complete idiot and total fraud.

  2. Medved is a hollywood RINO. I remember hearing him on the radio in LA and wondering why he was calling himself a Republican. I guess that’s what passes as Republican for hollywood.

  3. This guy spent way to much time with the elastic band of his underwear stretched over the top of his pointy little head back when he was in school.

  4. Shapiro is childish.
    His candidate didn’t win. The candidate he wanted to win least did win and not only won has kept promises and made more progress than any POTUS in decades.
    So now he continues to fantasize about someone, anyone defeating Trump in 2020.
    Grow up Benny.

  5. Trump is accomplishing more than most any established Republican would have in the same period of time.

    When I think of Ben Shapiro, this sometimes comes to mind….

    Urban Dictionary: manchild

    An adult male who still posesses psychological traits of a child. Traits include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    – whining
    – pettyness
    – trying to pass the blame for their own underdeveloped judgement
    – not “stepping up to the plate” when it’s their role to.

  6. Smirconish is a other Medved. RINO guy who would gladly lick the used cocktail napkin of Chuck Schumer as long as it was at a K Street lobbyist schmuck party.

    These guys are the Mr. Pibbs of punditry.

  7. Like a lot of you here, I’m at that stage of life where I really avoid listening or reading anyone who has already proved they are not worth it. Shapiro, Hewitt, Medved, Gingrich (that was a tough one, but the guy’s only reason for speaking is to monetize his opinions on Trump and he’s trying to come up with some screwy explanations vis Gingrich-speak that make no sense).

    When I worked at Mega Software Company in Redmond in the early ’90’s, the young employees used to copy the CEO by talking really fast (like Li’l Benny) and exhibiting all sorts of physical ticks as though they were autistic. It was all part of the I’m-a-brilliant-software-engineer schtick. Never confused fast-talking with pure, unadulterated BS.

  8. B-B-B-Benny and the left

    B-Benny and the left

    He’s really quite a Foo

    a never Trumper too

    B-B-B-Benny and the left

  9. Dang, Ben. You keep it up, and that seat at the Captain’s Table is all but guaranteed. Say, why don’t you write a guest editorial at the NYT on Newspaper Gaslight Day? Kaptain Kristol might even let you tour the bridge and steer the ship.

  10. Ben is now and always has been A BUSH REPUBLICAN. Because he is an elite Rove/Bush man he hates me; as Kurt said yesterday. Liberal GOP think their “Beltway Boys” should not be questioned – even when their actions clearly hurt Americans; as has been the case time and time again the last 17 years!

  11. I’ve been listening to Ben Shapiro for a while now. I agree, he’s no Trump fanboy. And he disagrees with Trump about a lot of stuff and has no qualms about saying so. But he also gives Trump props where he thinks Trump deserves them, which is pretty frequent. If he thinks someone else can beat Trump, good for him. I seriously doubt that, but it doesn’t take from the fact that Shapiro is a smart guy and is for the most part on the side of conservatism and the rule of law. I have no beef with him.

  12. Perhaps you guys should maybe listen to bens podcast. I get the impression there’s a lot of cherry picking going on with what he says to make him look bad. He treats trump,more than fairly & he’s certainly not rooting for the pornstars lawyer to become president.

  13. That little faggot claims he hates Trump because Trumps not a “True Conservative”. Even though Trump has accomplished more true Conservative objectives and goals than any “True Conservative” ever even thought of. Little Ben also says he will never vote for Trump. Why? Because Trumps not a “True Conservative”. Little Ben is a freaken idiot and not helping the “True Conservative” cause. In fact he is damaging it. Ben’s a moron, and a traitor.

  14. Ben is the Yin and the Yang of conservative talk. Sometimes he has me doing the lolz thing, and other times I have to turn him off to stop shouting at my car. I do tend to enjoy his movie reviews, even if I also disagree about as often with those as well.

  15. Benji has never appealed to me, his voice is grating on the ears and his ego is fifteen times taller than he is.

    He’s also a clear bandwagoner, defending conservatives when it’s good for him, but in general a complete neo con and party blind liar.

    I try to get my older brother to stop listening to him, but it’s hard because he agrees with Sharpie’s movie reviews most of the time so I guess he feels a camaraderie??? :/


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