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  1. I believe that may be the highest concentration of stupid I have ever subjected myself to. I may have lost IQ points listening to her.

  2. Totally off topic.

    Just got a bean and cheese burrito with no onions at taco whatever. Used the name “Manuel”.

    I felt bad because the Mexican lady who called out my name looked crestfallen when she saw I was a gringo.


  3. I have a pair of mud covered boots that whisper to me late at night and only the left boot says things like this…..

  4. I made it about 30 seconds. It’s truly offensive at this point. Seriously, the “15 Minutes” is officially up on this shit.

  5. With the mouth open, she looks like that little kid picture used on some stories here. Or a cheap cereal commercial.

  6. Holy crap! I thought all the cartoonists across the web were exaggerating her eyes and mouth. But no. Her normal facial animations are way worse!

    Ugly! Ugly! Ugly bag of mostly socialist water!

    (Visions of 12″ cast iron skillets.)

  7. I was blinded by the teeth and eyes….then, I looked into the deep black holes of her flared nostrils.

    It’s the stuff of nightmares. I’ll be tumbling down a huge deep nostril with no way out. A deep, dark shaft with perhaps no bottom…I try to grab onto a side, but its too slippery…I see a vine, or a rope, try to hang on….too slimy….darker and deeper I go, into a huge void…of nothingness…God save me.

  8. So, this green new deal,
    By Lazlo’s calculations there is not enough Lithium on Earth to build all the batteries needed for all the electric cars needed for the shift from the single most important invention in the history of Humans: The internal combustion engine.
    That means draft animals. More calculations ensue.
    There aren’t enough draft animals on Earth to do the work needed to feed the world during our transition from the single most important accomplishment of early man: the domestication of animals.
    That means human power. More calculations ensue.
    There ARE enough humans to provide motive power to farm enough food to feed the masses, but they are currently working in jobs that will be useless when the Green New Deal is implemented; but farming is not on their list of things they want to do, and will refuse if pressed.
    More calculations ensue
    Slavery for the ‘good of all’ will be implemented

  9. MJ….. I have Pall Malls in the hard box (green)….soft pac sucks.

    I get honorary Black status for that.

  10. Is Marxism a big deal on American campuses or what?

    Dumb little 20-something kid…a lousy education from Marxists and no experience other than mixing drinks…a recipe for a bad future in a country that elects people like her.

  11. And to make matters worse, Pelosi comes out today in favor of reducing the age to vote to 16 years old. Can you imagine if we have to deal with high school socialists voting for candidates like what the freshmen libs are. We need to stop this, and get a handle on voter fraud or we are screwed!

  12. “I believe that may be the highest concentration of stupid I have ever subjected myself to. I may have lost IQ points listening to her.”

    If you liked that, you’ll love Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s preezy announcement speech.

  13. In defense of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Remember, it is not her fault. She attended and got a degree from Boston University, then got a job as a Bartender. Her brother entered her in a contest, and she won. She is now in a position to scare the living shit out of most politicians left and right.. Go girl Go. Fuckemall.

  14. It’s like watching that show – “Kids Say The Darndest Things!”

    It’s cute when children say such things; the confidence with which they say it, adorable. They’re unaware of the real state of things, but we don’t fault them for it. They’re a child and it’s precious.

    But AOC is an adult. She should know better but she doesn’t. She is a textbook Ignoramus who is unwaivering and confident about what she doesn’t know. There’s nothing cute about it. The fact that there are millions more like her is terrifying to think about.

  15. How does a 28 year old know-nothing with an undergrad economics degree and a failed publishing business climb to the top?

    1. Sleep with the right people, or
    2. Bamboozle stupid weak liberals (mostly men) into swallowing the swill.

    Do both and it’s a sure fire way to take a short-cut through someone else’s property and get ahead of the pack.

  16. The gift that never ceases!

    God, Trump must adore her. She might single-handedly win his re-election for him.

  17. “There’s a lot of people…….” right there at 1:17 seals it for me. I am so sick of everyone using “there’s” in place of there are…. WTF!!!! everyone needs to die!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  18. Like watching an organ grinder’s monkey, if it could talk and get elected to Congress. We’re in trouble after 2024.

  19. Look, we all know she’s stupid but the best part of this video was watching the news show host and others nodding at the crap she’s spewing and knowing full well they realize what a dunce she is. Some people will do anything to keep their jobs.

  20. Sarah Palin was excoriated by the same people for things she never said, “I can see Russia from my house” to things that are very mainstream only because she was a conservative Republican. This halfwit is comedy gold to late night entertainers and yet she is treated like the Second Coming and not the idiot she is.


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