Sabo Strikes Again, In Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter – The conservative provocateur who calls himself Sabo took aim at Hollywood days before the Academy Awards.

With a nod to the Oscar-nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, conservative street artist Sabo has hijacked three billboards in Hollywood to attack the entertainment industry for allegedly shielding pedophiles.

Reminiscent of the signage in the Martin McDonagh film, which is up for seven Oscars including best picture, with black text on a field of red, three consecutive billboards in Hollywood sprang up Wednesday, each calling out the industry.

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11 Comments on Sabo Strikes Again, In Hollywood

  1. Although I admire Sabo’s work, that conservative people are relegated to acts of defiance on a few billboards, while losing our voice on social media, tells me we’re losing to the totalitarians.

    And they don’t use high capacity magazines on us. They pick us off, sniper style. One by one.

    Today was Hope Hicks. Look at how many have been destroyed and silenced over the last year. The list keeps growing.

    It’s time to re-evaluate our strategy. We’re losing.

  2. how many Hollywood Elitists Crapped their pants when they saw these, and prayed that their name wasn’t beneath ?

  3. AWESOME! 😀

    Hopefully, one of their three viewers will let us know if Hollyweird “put up or shut up” that night!

  4. @jimmy. But we began WINNING again. I like winning.
    I get the 100 years deal, but look at how many have taken this dagger and that. Never happened with documented liars during obama admin. Susan rice, Loretta Lynch, John koskinen, all skate and our guys all fall to petty process crimes? Or merely to pressure based on accusations?

    This is bucking fullshyt.

  5. 🔥 VIDEO LINK SAYS….🔥 –(with liberal propaganda filter)

    CONSERVATIVE street artist has HIJACKED three billboards in Hollywood to ATTACK the entertainment industry for ALLEGEDLY shielding pedophiles.

    You have to learn how to tune your ear to the sharia filtering system.

  6. Next people need to start shouting this sort of stuff out from the audience when bitches like Streep start flapping their gums. Do exactly what was done to us: DON’T let them even discuss with their pseudo-calm and pretend talking points that always start out with some ridiculously wanna-be intelligentsia rambling sentence that means very little to real people. TALK OVER THEM, don’t allow them to speak and let it be known they are PEDOPHILES and PEDOPHILE ENABLERS, you get my drift?

    I don’t care anymore how “impolite” this may be. We tried polite for decades and these bastards NEVER play by rules unless they are ones THEY make and THEY **break** at every turn. You know the new expression: “They’re gonna hate the new rules.”

    We need to make sure they damn well good and hate them.

  7. i almost barely feel sorry for these drunk drugged thespians, troubadours, athletes, and politicians. but, only in the sense that they haven’t a clue on what they’re doing in the real world as life passes them by and real people that work day in and day out raising families, making things happen, and making real change in the world look on in bewilderment and begin to realize that these sad soulless creatures were only put here to present themselves to the masses and to reinforce in us that their lifestyle is not how to live an honorable life.

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