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Sad News

ghost of brig gen j glover passed away today.

A very sweet man, he was a reader for some time who is precious to many of us as we met him and his family during their trip in the summer of 2020.

I have very little information, but it was sudden and his wife, Mary Hatch, and their two boys could use our prayers. Her family is with them now, so I didn’t spend much time talking to her. I asked her if she wanted us to post the news and she agreed.

She also asked if the special friends they met on their trip would kindly contact her, as she wanted to speak to them to let them know.

Thank you for your prayers for this wonderful family.

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  1. Sad. I enjoy his and Mary’s comments. My prayers to Mary, famaly and friends. And to Ghost.

  2. He was just posting within the last few days.

    RIP Gen. Glover.

  3. I’m deeply saddened to hear this. I really appreciated his comments and his point of view. I will miss him.

    Rest in Peace

  4. This is very sad news. A terrible loss for his family and all his many friends on this site. His great comments will be sorely missed. God speed, Brigadier General J. Glover.

  5. This is awful. Prayers to Mary and the children. RIP Ghost.

  6. May God bring peace to his kin and welcome him to Heaven.

  7. What sad news.
    I pray for God’s peace and comfort for Mary and her family.

  8. aw hell…

    I always liked his comments. Poignant, on-target.

    O-7, I pray your soul is in God’s loving arms and may He soothe the pain, sorrow & grief of your loved ones and your many friends. I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  9. He was pretty special in my old book. Farewell, Ghost. And please do still keep us company, Mary Hatch!

  10. Oh, no!!! I enjoyed reading his comments and I wish I had fortunate enough to have met him. I will pray for his family and God rest his soul. I am very sorry we have lost him.

  11. 😞 Oh no, not Ghost? Every time we lose a commenter my heart breaks a little more. My condolences to all his family and friends. 💐

  12. Some glorious day we will all meet our Lord and Savior.

    He is wrapped in the arms of Jesus now and what a wonderful place to be.

    He will be missed by all the living but death is just a door to heaven for the saved.

    God bless and keep us all…

  13. So sad to hear. He was a great contributor to the conversation and fun to engage with. Prayers for the family.

  14. RIP Ghost. I liked his comments. So very sad to hear.

  15. My heart is borken. Knowing he is with Jesus is my only solace. I’m praying for the peace of God’s Spirit to be with his wife and beautiful boys. He leaves behind two wonderful young men I know he was so proud of, and rightly so. Pray for them.

  16. Oh nuts. He’s one of the only IOTWARRIORS I ever met in person. That’s a heartbreaker.

  17. @Ghost, the answer was “New York”. You were so close to guessing the location. Now I wish I had just told you.😢✝️

  18. Oh my!
    Had to read that twice.
    This is sad..
    God, give Mary and the family peace and comfort.
    See you at the return General.

  19. That is such sad, shocking news. He had been in the Zoom group meetings a few times.

    A while back we had a bit of a misunderstanding on a thread. However, we quickly resolved it and had a nice little chat in the comments.

    Our prayers are with him and his family.

  20. Rest In Peace General! You Are Gone But Not Forgotten.

  21. Loved Me some Ghost Comments…RIP Brother.

  22. Rest Peacefully Ghost.

    You earned it!

    God bless you & your loved ones.



  23. Farewell, General. Condolences to his family.

  24. Crap! Crap! Crap! Can’t believe this…
    Just chatted with them a couple weeks ago and thought all were doing well.

    Condolences to “Mary” and the boys.

    At least they have the trip across country to remember…

    Does not seem possible…

    “She also asked if the special friends they met on their trip would kindly contact her, as she wanted to speak to them to let them know.”

    Calling now…

  25. Mary Hatch
    Sincere condolences to you and your family.

    Always enjoyed his unique commentary.🙂

    RIP General
    He is with our wonderful Savior
    Thoughts and Prayers 🕊️❤️🙏

  26. Damn.

    What does a fellow need to do to get hold of some people?
    CALL ME.
    Gonna leave a number shortly.
    Gotta think this through.

  27. Claudia check e-mail…

    Done – Claudia

  28. Prayers for Mary and his family’s comfort at his passing.

    RIP General!

  29. We have such a unique family here.
    We lost another friend.
    Sad days and years lately are much to bear.
    Rest in peace.

  30. Mary, Hold fast to your faith and to Jesus. We’re praying for you and your family. You’re not alone.

    You’re a sister in Christ and we love you.

    Your husband touched many lives here and we are grateful to have known him and to know you.

    AbigailAdams & Geoff C. the Saltine

  31. Mary,
    Trust me when I say I know how you feel–now your 0-7 is with my 0-7 who I lost in July. Lots of prayers coming your way and to your sons (we have one son). A lot of love with those prayers as well.


  32. I just sent Mary a little note on our behalf.

    I was a little stand offish when they wanted to meet me. We met on neutral territory in a gun shop and they were extremely nice and their teenage boys were extremely respectful and well behaved.

    Up until that I was a bit skeptical about these strangers, but that quickly evaporated as I got to know them.
    Great family.

    Simply a great family.

  33. Dear Lord, we feel another loss, this one profound in this group. Ghost was a one-of-a-kind original who was always on point, and genuinely interested in his fellow commenters here, even to the extent of making a special trip to see some. My path led awY from his at the time, and I regret that I will now never meet him this side of Heaven.

    For that is where he is.

    Absent from the body – present with the Lord.

    Ghost has gone to his reward, and is as we speak no doubt catching up with his namesake at the feet of the Lord. He is lost to us, but he has gained Heaven, so hard as it may seem, particularly for his dear Mary, we should rejoice in his homegoing even as we mourn our own loss.

    It is those he leaves behind who knew him and loved him, Mary Hatct certainly and no doubt many, many others that should occupy our concern now. It is they who must go on with the burden of life without him, starting with arranging his homegoing ceremony and ending only when they lay their own trophies down at the last and go to be with him. But the joy that can be seen through our tears is the mercy of the Lord, and with the knowlege that beyond the grave there is more than memory.

    Ghost has moved on. Let us pray for those who mourn him today.

    Dear precious heavenly Father, we thank You and praise You for letting us know the joy of the man who’s true name is known to You, who was known to us as the Ghost of Brigadier General J. Glover, a man whose love of life and family came througb his words and brought happiness to those who read him. Lord, touch Mary Hatch and all those that love him this day, comfort their hearts, dry their tears, strengthen them to the task at hand, and above all grant them the Blessed Assurance that he is with the Lord this day, and that they will be reunited by and by. Grant them thy mercy, O Lord, as You granted them Your love through him, guide them through this difficult time and use it to lead them ever closer to You that they may be reunited again at Your feet on that grat getting-up morning.

    We ask this comfort in the merciful loving Name of Your Son Jesus, in whom all things are possible,


    God Bless,

  34. Painful,I know…Prays to the family.
    Praying for a quick trip up to Heaven.

  35. Oh–LBS that made my stomach turn over. Talk about prescient.

  36. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family.

  37. Ya’ know, some of us here will take shots at others, sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not. I know I can be put in that category, but I never remember The Ghost being anything other than a gentleman and a positive contributor to iOTW. I’m just now drinking a toast to him and feeling a little sad for him. Prayers to Mary and the boys!

  38. LBS,
    Remember 45-70 and Reboot too.
    Eerily similar.
    PS: Claudia, Thank You. Pinko I need a contact number. I HAVE to talk to Gene. Yes, that G. Contact Claudia ASAP.

  39. So very sorry to hear this. He was indeed a gentleman, and he will be greatly missed.

  40. Nooooo! This is shockingly awful. Ghost and Mary Hatch and the boys visited us on their road trip. Lovely couple, great kids.
    Will dig through the text messages and respond directly. In the meantime, public condolences. And thanks to IOTWr for creating a community online, with occasional real life connections.
    May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  41. Claudia,

  42. Been away for a few days and I came back to this news. My words are inadequate at a time like this, but hopefully my prayer won’t be. Mary Hatch, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. RIP ghost of brig gen j glover.

  43. Condolences to his family. May the Lord God almighty except him with open arms and bring comfort and understanding to those left behind.

  44. So sad. Prayers to Mary Hatch and all who loved him.

  45. RIP Ghost. may you find your peace & solace w/ the Everlasting God

    we will sorely miss you & hope to join you in the everlasting life of Jesus & the Creator

  46. Prayers for Ghost and family. He will be missed.

  47. Like so many of you, he was not “just a reader,” he was a friend. He was part of our family.
    He was a huge part of this site. More than he probably realized. This is a sad loss.

  48. Prayers and comfort to his family.
    I remember “meeting” the good general and Mary on one of the Zoom calls. They were good people. I’m sorry to lose one of the good ones. I do know he’s with the Lord, experiencing glory!
    Blessings to our IOTW family.

  49. So sad to hear “ghost of brig gen j glover” has passed, but confident that he has left this miserable world to be with the Good Lord.

    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. May God Bless Them All. Amen.

  50. @BFH, he seemed to be a true gentleman. He was trying to guess the location of my farm painting on your post. He played along and he seemed to enjoy it, too. I won’t forget that or him. We have lost so many over the years and I remember and miss them all. That is one of the many unique qualities of this website. It seems more like a meeting place.

  51. BFH,
    Claudia has the number. Call.
    Can chill in the lobby a little while longer.

  52. J Hancock.
    I was unavailable.
    Try again another time.

  53. Sincerely, sorry to hear the news of ghost of brig gen j glover passing. Condolences to his loving wife Mary Hatch and family.

    Although, we did not meet on this earth, I have full confidence, in the presence of our Lord I will joyfully meet my brother in Heaven.

    May God’s peace, grace and mercy comfort us who will truly miss our fellow iOTWr reader.

  54. I pray for God’s comfort on his family, and I suspect he is now happy with Jesus. May we all meet again in heaven.

  55. ‘SALUTE’
    My Heartfelt condolences Sir!

  56. Mary, may our Lord keep you and comfort you.
    May your grief be short and your memories be long.
    Rest in Peace, General.

  57. RIP Ghost of Brig Gen J Glover; Condolences to Mary Hatch and her boys; I always enjoyed his comments and suspect we had much in common based on them.

    Once again a demonstration that our days are numbered and we do not know when we will “…shuffle off this mortal coil…” GBGJG is with his King; I look forward to meeting him on the other side. It’s a matter of great urgency for those who are not saved to find the Lord and commit their lives to Him …before it’s too late.

  58. Matthew 5:4
    Blessed are those who mourn,for they will be comforted.

    I am sorry to hear that.
    May he rest in peace, and may the grace of our Lord be with his family.

  59. So sad to hear about this. Heartfelt condolences to his family.

    RIP Ghost.

  60. So sorry to read this news. Someone else said it so well, this is more than a site I visit every day, it is like a family. I have always appreciated that it was not such a big family that there was no connection between us, so it really does mean something to lose one so suddenly.
    Prayers and condolences to the entire family.


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