Sad News About One of Our Patriot Pets

All Too Much’s beloved Bella has passed on. I painted Bella, it hurts to see them when they go.

Here’s a moving note from ATM –

BFH – I’m sitting in my family room, looking at your portrait of Bella, Mitchell, and Phil.  Bella passed away on Monday, in my arms while she drifted away. My heart hurt so bad, I could barely breathe.

Bella was fifteen and a half years old.  She died of old age; her body and mind gave out.
Bella was an eager and gifted athlete.  We spent countless hours playing with tennis balls and frisbees.
My kids used to shoot soccer balls towards her, left, right, and she’d stop them all.
She was a fast learner, took to commands with very little training.

Bella leaves behind her brothers, Mitchell and Phil. In the portrait, Phil’s the big guy.
They have been missing her. The house seems very quiet, but I realized it isn’t noise that’s missing; its her presence.

For a day and a half, Phil laid in Bella’s bed, something he never did before.  He didn’t budge.
Mitchell checked out the house and property, for a day or so, obviously looking for something.
I believe somewhere inside them they now Bella is not coming home.

She was such a sweet dog, and she will always be in my heart.

When I asked you for the portrait, I knew Bella’s was in her last years.
The portrait captures perfectly the mature lady, and big sister, she was, and gives me what I knew it would.

Funny, reading this before sending, I realize words cannot define Bella
But I had to write this, to help me sort things out.  Bella would have wanted it that way.



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  1. Teary eyed reading this. What a heartbreak! I’m so sorry for your loss. Give Phil and Mitchell hugs from their auntie MJA, please.

  2. Damn. Just damn.
    We get a dog, or two or three knowing they’re going to break our heart one day. But we still do it.

  3. Blessed Bella. Blessed All Too Much.

    Losing them really, truly hurts. Weren’t they wonders?

    Much sympathy.

  4. Very sorry to hear. We all love our pets. The love we get from our pets is the purest love, after Gods’ love.

  5. I think it’s called unconditional love…

    Best to the owners…and the painter…

  6. What a great tribute, All too Much. That is not a hole in your heart. It is the part of your heart that Bella grew, but sadly has been hurt by her loss. But that growth in your heart will always be there. I am sorry you had to lose her.

  7. Bella was blessed to have such a caring parent.

    We should all get tortoises. At least They out live us. 100 years or more. This pet burying thing is too heartbreaking.

  8. All too Much–I am so sorry for your loss of Bella, it seems she had a huge impact in your life, your children, Phil, and Mitchell. She was a dog well loved and I know she loved you all so much in return. What you wrote is a beautiful tribute to your furry family member.

  9. My heart goes out to you, @All Too Much. My Chihuahua buddy Cyrus died in my arms of a rare blood infection after a long stuggle and stay at the vets, but I had 12 good years with my pudgy little buddy that I wouldn’t have traded for the world. People who don’t have dogs think we’re crazy for being inconsolable when a pet dies, but the love and loyalty that only a good dog can bring MUST be a gift from God, and the joy he brought the whole family more than explains the pain of parting.

    God blessed you with Bella and showed you His love through her, and He would want you to reflect on that love in joy, not in sadness, as He would in the passing of any other family member. It would not hurt if it was not good to begin with, and the love of a good dog is good indeed, a joy you can reflect on even after the hurt fades into fond remembrance.

    Your other dogs will grieve too, this is expected. When an older dog is known to be near the end, there may be an organization in your area like one called Angel’s Paws that can sometimes help with puppy grief, as well as with human. They actually do have grief councillors for people, as well they should.

    …your hurt is real. You need to grieve, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remeber to cling to your other loves that much more tightly, and to treasure your time together all the more.

    At the end of the day, love is all we’ve got. Don’t be afraid to love again, and remember that beyond the grave lies more than memory, and we’ll understand it better by and by.

    God Bless, SNS.

  10. Lovely painting for remembrance sake. Notice kind of a open enough area towards from the middle back right side?
    Hopefully you may add another friend for Mitchell, Phil, and family, not that that would ever replace Bella.
    Sincere condolences and best regards,,

  11. Wished there were words to lessen the grief, but only time does that.
    Look for Mark Levin’s book about losing his dog. Short book, well written and it helped Mrs. F4 and I over one the loss of one of our dogs.
    Your memories of Bella will always be with you and will age like fine wine.
    God bless.

  12. …I also understand your having the painting done, ATM. I commissionsd BFH to do one of my 14 year old Mini, that shows her even with her greying fur still puckishly playing in Momma’s jeans, looking soulfully up from her happy, self-imposed confinement, expressing the love in her eyes that couldn’t be capured even if she had the words. I pray my family and her soul brother Skippy have many, many more blessed years with her, but I know that we have this wonderful work of art to remember her with when her race is finally won, and I am grateful to BFH for so capturing her spirit so artfully so her image can live on in our home even as her spirit will live in our hearts.

    Look on her and remember, All Too Much. She can live forever in your heart as just the dignified lady BFH captured for your wall. Let her live on in blessed remembrance till the day you yourself lay your trophies down.

  13. @F4.

    Do not try to read Mark Levin’s book, Rescuing Sprite, on a commercial flight. Seat mates don’t like sitting next to sobbing people. Mistyness you can pull off. I had to put the book away and read it in the hotel room.

    It has been years.

  14. 15.5 years is a testament to the wonderful love and care you gave Bella. May you many memories comfort you for a long time to come.

  15. Sad news ATM. I can sympathize. My Sarah passed away at home on Tuesday at about 10.00AM The vet had just left after I called him because she was in a deep, deep sleep and I couldn’t wake her. He came over examined her and her breathing was back to normal and her heart was beating regularly but a little weak. We decided to help her over at 2:30 PM to give some of her family a chance to say goodbye. Ten minutes after the vet left I came back to her with fresh water and noticed one eye was open and fixed. I knew. A light made no difference to her eye and she wasn’t breathing. She decided to leave on her own with no pain, no fear and at home with her Master (well, partner in crime anyway). Vet turned around and came back and we took her out to the backseat of his car (no trunk for her) and her ashes will be back Tuesday. I loved the old girl. Sorry for jacking the thread.

  16. Our pets just dont live that long. It’s built-in grief as soon as you get them, but it’s worth it for all you get during their lives.

  17. Just realized i am listening to joe bonamassa singing “Asking Around for You” When I Get To Heaven.

    ATM, you’ll see beloved Bella again.

  18. Dogs are God’s most precious gift to man, there is no guile in a dog, only true, passionate love and devotion. The gentle kindness and exuberant fun that a dog provides form a bond that can never be broken and their short lifespans guarantees heartache beyond repair, but you can cherish the memories they bring and a portrait can help.

  19. All Too Much – so very sorry for your loss. It hurts so much when they leave us. Condolences to you and your family and to Mitchell and Phil. Hey, Bella – say hi to Maggie, Callie, Rags, Jamie, and Molly for me. They are all happily romping across the Rainbow Bridge.

  20. We had ours for 18 years, but whether it’s 15 1/2 or 18 it’s still too short! Funny how all those years fly by.
    One of the things that we did together was taking walks in the Metropark system that is the Rocky River Valley, so I put together a slide show with a lot of his valley pictures in it and put it to this music:

    The family found it very healing and it’s nice to watch every now and then.

  21. With condolences…

    Words don’t express, but SNS said it best…

    Been through it four times also and dread the next two…


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