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Sad News For One of Our Favorite Sites

While I decide whether to continue posting here or not. My health has seriously deteriorated over recent months, leaving me, amongst other things, breathless and in almost constant pain.

I’m also finding that the whole process is stressing me out. It takes an enormous amount of time sourcing and posting material here – upwards of six hours every day. Trawling through news websites with their often vile, repugnant views.

Other websites that appear to have been designed to be infuriating. With stupid surveys, pop-up ads, and embedded video adverts – sometimes two or three playing at the same time – before you eventually get to the story.

And that’s not to mention the number of visitors. I suspect if I opened a Twitter account and posted a photo of my one daily meal, I’d get more views than I get here these days. I think that’s the saddest thing of all. Anyway, as I said, I need a break while I decide what’s best to do.

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  1. That is sad. I always enjoyed the site, but didn’t visit as often as I should, it seems. My very best wishes to the blogger, and I hope that with restored health, he/she might reconsider.

  2. I am sorry BFH. I am here every day, many times during the day, posting, reading, commenting. If someone else doesn’t take up the burden, it will be a sad day indeed. I hope you get well and less stress in your life. This election cycle has been the worst i have ever been through. I hear you, loud and clear.

  3. Hey brother. You got a great site. And intelligent. Thought provoking.
    Take a break, then come back after Christmas and the new year.

  4. Sad news indeed! There was always something of interest to find there. Praying that health returns and so does the blogging.

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