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Safe Haven Baby Boxes installed in Indiana


PalmBeachPost:  WOODBURN, Ind.  — Indiana has introduced a baby box for parents to anonymously drop off unwanted newborns in safe locations.

The Safe Haven Baby Box is an extension of the state’s Safe Haven law, which allows parents to have complete anonymity when giving up an unwanted newborn younger than 45 days without being arrested or prosecuted.  more

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  1. OMG! Put the baby in a drop box? Mail a letter, drop a baby, FedEx, etc.

    Down here, you can bring a baby to any police or fire station without question and the baby will be taken care of and put up for adoption.

    Drop box????

  2. Glad they are making a come back. Nuns in the “old world” used to have a form of baby “drop boxes” way back when. I don’t remember specifics.

    Somehow I vaguely remember a Monty Python skit based on a baby turntable drop box.

  3. My ass. I bet PP has keys to those drop-off boxes and grabs the infants for their “parts is parts” operation the split second those boxes are activated. (If I can think of it, it can happen.)

  4. wonder how much time it’s gonna take before the ‘Feral Americans’ start stuffing toddlers in there?

  5. @refuse/resist, Out here we call it the tripsss.
    Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up
    Or, you can save yourself some work, there’s always the crabs and gators.

  6. Questions:

    -Does it hold more than one baby? Accommodation for twins, triplets?
    -Say, what if you want a baby, cheaper than adoption?
    -Trade ins, leave a baby, take a baby?
    -Can it accomadate an unwanted spouse? Trade ins?
    -What a great idea for depositing those unwanted pets!
    -Ohhh, Ohhh, how about the mother-in-law, or other nuisance relatives?
    -Or that old person who doesn’t want to go to a nursing home.
    -Hey! This may be a solution to the VA problems. ‘Deposit a military Vet.

    Damn our government sure makes it easy for us.

    There is no excuse for dumping a baby in a toilet or trash bin or side of the road. Any hospital, fire department, church, etc will take in a child left with them. There have always been safe places to leave a child.

  7. We’re suing until we can get it extended to 45 months

    Sheila Jackson Maxine Meyers Norton Waters Lee Boxerstein

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