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  1. These men still exist, but the pussified liberals make so much noise it distracts the average ‘Murica attention span. My brother retired after 25 years in the Army. Shot twice, blown up once, now quietly goes to work everyday and picks his girls up from school when he can, mows his lawn, works out at the gym, and prays for better leaders for this nation.

    Dear God, but I am so glad and thankful for his now quiet life.

    &^^%$#, my eyes are leaking……

  2. i have been to Omaha Beach twice….and Utah Beach once…..this pic of the LST does not show the reality….a frigging cardine can…..getting ripped open by MG-42’s….hell cannot be described for these men.

    Bedord VA….the 29th….were the first….slaughtered….now home to the D-day memorial….Bedford has the highest percentage of deaths of any other town/city.

    and they knew….and took it like men.

  3. My dumbass neighbor who called the cops on me last Veterans Day because his mail didn’t get delivered, he said my vehicle blocked his mailbox.

    Guess what he did today?

    If you guessed check his mailbox, you’re the winner! I got it all on my cameras, he even scoffed at my vehicle as he slammed his mailbox door.

    Is it any wonder why society has slipped?

  4. They call the WWII veterans members of the greatest generation.
    My dad was one of those.
    I was not.
    I came of age in the late 60s and while I did not get drafted (and considered myself lucky) had I been I would have gone.
    I did not attend college to dodge the draft, nor did I become a Conscientious Objector as much as some thought I should.
    So all that said, looking back on it, in some ways I wish I had signed up.
    I do think that any man, or woman, drafted or volunteer, becomes a member of that greatest generation simply because they make that same vow and commitment to give their life in defense of our country regardless of the time frame and that is the real point.
    So hats off to you Veterans of the present and the past for you represent the essence of Patriotism that helped make the United States the country that it is!!
    My hope is that some of the young college people we read about in the news today will realize that someday as well.

  5. Kind of puts things in perspective, don’t it?

    OBTW, thanks Publix! Stopped on the way home today to grab dog and cat food. Don’t usually get it there. Lady at the register asked if I was a veteran.

    Puzzled me for a moment then I said “Yes Ma’am, why?”

    I got fifteen percent off! Plus, she showed me on the new drivers license where it shows I’m a vet. That made me feel kind of dumb. It’s printed in red letters.

  6. I wouldn’t tell any of those brave soldiers to be quiet. Thanks to all vets for your courage and service. I saluted my signed pic of Gen. Creighton Abrams just now.

  7. I was just over at The website, they have a video posted called Just A Common Soldier which I would recommend all to view. Damn, these videos make me tear up thinking about what these men and women did in the fight for freedom. I pray that’s it’s not too late and we get back a lot of the fighting spirit we used to have prior to Vietnam as well as Korea. Once again, thanks to all the veterans out there and may God bless you all and us as well for your sacrifices.

  8. One thing I noticed is that most of the men who signed up for the military back then were never encouraged to “get into gubmint or labor jobs”. My parents NEVER even mentioned passively to get a gubmint job. Nor all my neighbors. Nor all my schoolmates or their families. Nor anyone I ever met or talked to. The only ones who talked about shit like that were the Mob who infiltrated the Long Island communities here and there on occasion, who I ran into once in a blue moon. Talk about creeps.

  9. I hope that means he survived. The japs didn’t even give them water to drink and made them sit out in the hot sun when they stopped.

    The guy that helped my dad’s family move from the reservation to the West coast in the 1930s was killed by the japs on that march.

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