Sailor dies in ‘mishap’ aboard USS George H.W. Bush

American Military News:

A tragic accident occurred on the USS George H.W. Bush, claiming a sailor’s life on Monday.

An incident on board deemed a “mishap” occurred around 4:45 p.m. Monday on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier. One sailor was killed in the incident and no other injuries were reported, U.S. Naval Institute News reported.

The Navy is reportedly investigating the incident.

A spokesman for Naval Air Force Atlantic, Dave Hecht, told Pilot Online that pilots were performing carrier qualifications on Monday. The qualifications included the launch and landing of aircraft on the aircraft carrier.  more

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6 Comments on Sailor dies in ‘mishap’ aboard USS George H.W. Bush

  1. Every day someone puts their life at risk on behalf of our country. Remember to pray for those at peril on the sea and hope that such misfortune is not caused by beauracratic blunder, miscues, or negligance.

  2. I hated to hear this, propellors are invisible when they are spinning rapidly. I learned to walk around as far as possible props especially on the E 2-C Hawkeyes when I was up on the flight deck and especially at night. Unfortunately this happens usually due to complacency, I’m sorry for this unfortunate young man and I wouldn’t have wanted to be the ones who had to clean the bloody mess up afterwards.


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