Saint Louis Police Detective Refused To Sign Soros Funded Prosecutor’s Probable Cause Document Against McCloskeys

Big League Politics- New developments in the criminal case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey by Soros-funded Saint Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner reveals that a lead police detective refused to sign a probable cause statement drafted by Gardner’s office. The probable cause statement appears filled with falsehoods and lies, and claims that the trespassing rioters that broke into the private community of the McCloskeys were “peaceful.”

The ‘signature’ element of the probable cause statements against both McCloskeys has been conspicuously left blank, with Curtis Burgdorf leaving off his signature.

KDSK St. Louis reported Tuesday that Gardner’s Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley emailed these documents to Sergeant Curtis Burgdorf the day before a gun confiscation search warrant was served on the McCloskeys, telling the cop that he needed to sign them “now.” Gardner’s office merely went ahead with the gun confiscation, later criminally charging the couple, after falsely trying to put words in the mouth of the St. Louis Police Department. more here

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  1. Malicious prosecution is illegal, a crime in itself, almost everywhere but rarely gets pursued and prosecuted.

    Civil actions are occasionally successful when they are pursued, but the outcome is generally disappointing even when they are successful.

    This needs to change, the practice is becoming far too common among prosecutors with a grudge or an agenda.

  2. If the rank and file officers, along with their commanding staff know what’s good for their long term survival as a functioning department, they will bow-up and defy the clearly left-wing, politically motivated, orders coming from their marxist-based prosecutor’s office.

    This goes to departments everywhere.

  3. St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner won her primary because of what she’s doing to the McCloskeys. Corrupt, not stupid.

  4. Malicious prosecution should be a federal offense and the penalty should be no less than the maximum that the victim faced, cumulatively and zero chance for parole or any sentence reduction.

  5., the group who keeps detailed campaign and political finance records on all donors and recipients, keeps a record of all Geo. Soros-supported pols. I’m not sure how to search on judges and prosecutors. I think you have to know the PAC name, too. Americans should know who the money sources are behind our judges and prosecutors; it’s much more important than knowing if they are an “R” or a “D”.

    I wish there was a way to take George Soros out of the political finance game. That goes for the Koch bros, too.

  6. …I don’t know about LEO as I have never been one, but I’ve had to sign auditable legal documents for City, County, State, and Federal entities in one role or another my entire adult life, and there’s one thing I’ve never budged on with that.

    If I didn’t do it, can’t explain it, and can’t defend it both in court and before God…I ain’t SIGNING it.

    I was taught from a very early age things they seem to skip now, but predominant among them was that my word was my bond. When I sign something I am saying it is true and I am agreeing to what I am signing, so signing something I don’t believe is an outright, bald-face lie, and I won’t do it.

    …many, many years ago, when I first trained to medic, we had a thick preliminary training manual that was central to the course that I believe was called, straightforwardly enough, “EMERGENCY CARE AND TRANSPORTATION OF THE SICK AND INJURED”. This tome had something to say about every subsystem in the human body, what is good and what is bad to do when dealing with it, some information about driving an ambulance (that kind of punted with “Check Local Laws” on some things since it was a national textbook), how to use certain medical devices of the day, really gross, full-color, close-up pictures of mangled and diseased human beings, and even some self-defense and Critical Incident Stress information, because we both were, and would be dealing with, human beings.

    And in all this compendium with this wealth of information, the culmination of human experience and knowledge on how to deal with sick and injured people in the field on an emergency basis to that time, wanna guess what Page 1, Chapter 1, right after the table of contents, forward, credits, and copyright information dealt with?

    The same thing that Day 1 of training dealt with.


    …they didn’t play. They went right into what boiled down to “Everything you do, say, and most especially WRITE will probably turn up in court for one reason or another and you WILL be grilled by lawyers, talked down to by judges, judged by the standard of what the most competent person of your level of training would do, and you can be PERSONALLY sued for everything you have and even JAILED if you screw up or get caught in a lie on the documentation, so you’d better write down EVERYTHING you DID, NOTHING you DIDN’T do, and not LIE about ANY of it or you WILL lose your entire ASS and your FREEDOM as well.

    Still wanna do it? Alrighty then, on to actual patient care stuff!”

    …OK, I’m paraphrasing just a little as I’ve not seen that in 30 odd years, but that was the gist of the chapter and th e course, to drill home how serious this was, how seriously it would be taken, and how YOU stood to PERSONALLY lose EVERYTHING if you knowingly signed something that wasn’t true.

    They weren’t kidding at ALL, and DID lose a few during that part of the course who were apparently daunted by it.

    Which is why it was FIRST.

    I would imagine that, for a LEO, it’s even WORSE. Medics very seldom go to court, but for a LEO, it is a SCHEDULED part of the JOB.

    …here in the non-Democrat politician world, lies are NOT excused, and since we, unlike Democrats love and fear God, we try to avoid them in the FIRST place. This man was being TOLD to sign something HE knew wasn’t true, that WILL be litigated, and against a backdrop of a media-fed jury that just has a reflexive distrust and dislike for LEO at this point and so would LOVE to catch one in a lie. This would have very real-world consequences for him as lawers on BOTH sides pick the statement apart.

    And if it’s something you KNOW was not true, the LAST thing you want is for some smartass lawyer in open, televised court to walk over to you with the fradulent report in his hand, point at the bottom, ask “Is this your singature?”, and smile smugly because he already KNOWS the answer.

    So no.

    HELL no.

    The correct, really the ONLY, response was the one he gave.

    It’s not true.

    I can’t explain it.

    I can’t defend it.

    …so I ain’t SIGNING it.

    …Ms. Vindictive can only take his job.

    …if he SIGNS it, they can take his FREEDOM.

    …and no, the Democrats WON’T save him for being useful. Once they’re done with a tool, they drop it. Why should they waste time on him once he’s no longer useful? Actually, they’d PREFER him dead or discredited after he gives them what they want so he could never go back on it later. Two can keep a secret, if one is dead…

    The only possible correct response IS the one he gave, according to the thumbnail of this article.

    Two words.
    One finger.

    …althogh TWO fingers, one on each hand, would be acceptable and appropriate as well…

  7. if the cia or the fbi actually worked for the American people and the USA, g. soros and his demon spawn would not be running around free.

    federal bureau of investigation works for the federal reserve
    central intelligence agency works for the central banks

  8. Trespassing is trespassing, peaceful or not. Waiting around for intensions can get one hurt if not killed.

  9. Really, when it comes down to it there’s only two ways to stop Soros and his sons. Take away their money or their lives. If you take away their money (using either government authority or a supremely skilled set of hackers) you have to do it in such a way as it is public, total, untraceable and irretrievable so much so that even their best friends and accomplishes will be too afraid of losing their stuff to help them. Put them on welfare and let the old man die in some overcrowded government run hospital ward. The other way is pretty self-explanatory and may become necessary, even critical after November.

  10. I am guessing that sane LEOs think that tearing down a fence / gate is not a peaceful act. Hopefully the lead detective was not the only one to refuse to sign


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