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  1. This issue is one of the few that conservatives criticized Reagan for back then and now. One of his greatest mistakes was the 1986 amnesty bill he signed into law. As hard as it is to say, Reagan was wrong then and that position has manifested itself horribly in 2016 with all of the problems associated with an open border, which he clearly called for in that video.

    Reagan was a great president but obviously not perfect.

  2. Big, big difference between even just 30 years ago is that we’ve become a welfare state. You can not have open borders and a welfare state. What’s the worst that could happen is happening.

    RR spoke of them returning. WhyTF will they return when they can come here, have babies, get on a dozen different welfare programs, NOT WORK OR PAY TAXES, and make as much as someone the EARNS over $60,000??? And in the meantime destroy our culture and traditions.

    Further WhyTF is it my problem if the GD lid blows in Mexico? Let the fucker rip. This is the USA. Let’s take care of the problems we have here with AMERICANS. Our debt is $19 TRILLION-we’ve made promises of $200 TRILLION. There’s a mountain of problems to tackle here.

    I say we stop ALL immigration. moslim, legal & illegal for a long stretch and get some of this shit straightened out.

    Trump is right-build the wall(and everything else it metaphorically symbolizes)

  3. The federal government couldn’t build a border wall then and they can’t do it now.

    A private firm could.

    Or, the right president could make it happen, one that comes from private industry and isn’t some career politician with nothing but a law degree and membership at all the right clubs and societies.

    We look at Ronnie Reagan with misty eyes and fond memories because he is so much better than the steaming pile we have in the white house now.

    But he was not perfect. No man will be a perfect leader.

  4. Reagan’s three biggest mistakes, arms control treaties with the Soviets, picking the wrong VP, and the amnesty.

  5. That was a huge error on Reagans part. Not the wall, he is correct about that, but opening the border and amnesty.
    I always cringe though at seeing Reagan and Trump compared.
    Back then, even the inbred northerners didn’t think the guy cursing and talking about the size of his dick was the smartest person in the room.

  6. JustAl:

    Also with a large Republican majority in Congress (and a then conservative majority in the country) he could have, through constitutional amendments, stopped Queer Marriage, Abortion on demand and mandated a balanced budget!

  7. Notice Reagan talked about them entering legally, getting a work permit, paying taxes and going home? That sounds to me like we would have control of who and how many come over the border.

    Would Reagan have said “Let them pour over the border even those previously deported for criminal activity, suck up taxpayer money meant for our less fortunate American citizens, be unstopped couriers of drugs and send back more American money to Mexico every year than Mexico earns from its oil industry”?

    Build a wall. Deport illegals.

  8. Yes JustAl, and Trump used it masterfully. First, dont play the holier than thou game and expect Trump to give silent confirmation and it must send shivers down Hillary’s spine being constantly reminded that nothing is off limits.

  9. We have that “hostile and strange neighbor” right now. The cartels take advantage of the already open borders by growing pot farms in our national forests and importing heroin for our school kids to use.

    And now our government is set on “living outside the law”.

    “Part of my family is a Mexican”. One Mexican Bush is not a very good reason to open the border.

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