Saks CEO says employees at NY corporate office must get vaccinated, return to desk

Lawsuits will be coming.


Saks Chief Executive Marc Metrick say employees at the luxury retail store’s New York corporate office by September have a COVID-19 vaccine and return to the office.

“Zoom and the virtual world is a culture killer for companies,” Metrick said in a recent interview, according to The New York Times. “Culture is so important to a business. And there’s no way that having 900 people dispersed and only existing in an intentional Zoom world with no unintentional conversation is good for a culture.” more here

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  1. So, Saks is assuming the liability? How are they forcing something even the government can’t force?

  2. “Compelling people to participate in experimental medical procedures is internationally recognized as a crime against humanity.” ~ Unknown

  3. I read somewhere that a court has already ruled that workers comp will apply to any employer that mandates the vaccine as a condition of employment, did a quick search didn’t find that particular article but did find this article from january

    “If the employer mandates the use of the vaccination … as a condition of continued employment, regardless of where the vaccination is obtained, it’s likely to be considered a compensable injury” if the employee suffers a severe reaction, he said.

  4. A requirement for work, without proof of which you cannot buy or sell your labor.

    A growing trend, one that will expand to encompass everything we do as it progresses..

  5. Sooooo … where did he (Metrick) buy his medical degree?

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Unfortunately in a litigious society;

    Someone who refuses a vaccination could get sick and sue Saks for allowing them to work without a vaccination.
    They could also sue for not taking enough measures to prevent the ChYnabioWeapon from entering the work place.

    This WILL become the norm because of Lawyers, Insurance, beurocraps.

    Think about it, a burglar can sue you if he trips down the stairs while tying you up and robbing your house in the dark.

  7. “…only existing in an intentional Zoom world with no unintentional conversation is good for a culture.”

    …I don’t agree with this guy on most things, but he’s got something here. Hallway talk, casual talk between employees with a common interest task, can be very beneficial as not everyone remembers everything or puts it in an email to the right person, but when casually discussing something like a production line being managed across multiple shifts, sometimes just talking jogs a memory and you get very valuable information that you wouldn’t get any other way.

    NOT having hallway talk can be VERY expensive. The engineering on the Mars Climate Orbiter, a billion dollar investment, was conducted remotely between teams on different contenents that never physically met each other. Little things got left out of the stilted online conversation, like “are we using the Imperial or Metric system for specs?”, so THIS happened.

    Not having hallway talk can also be physically dangerous, even fatal.

    My son was in a hospital once recovering from craniofacial surgery, and had an allergic reaction to medication that his bumbling nurse couldn’t handle, was too conservative in her reaction to it, used the wrong form of the medication to counteract it, and dithered waiting for a call from some doctor somewhere before she would administer the Albuteral I KNEW was on the crash cart as his SpO2 very visibly crashed while he was vomiting and gagging with nothing but this stupid venturi mask through a humidity bubbler. I won’t go into the whole thing, but I called a Blue team MYSELF after I dumped the bubbler water and cranked the oxygen and managed his puking, and, as they started to take over I went out to the hall where I overheard the attending for the Blue team talking to one of his interns and had a LOT of WRONG information, about his medical, thinking his jaw was wired when it was NOT, etc., and was about to run off in COMPLETELY the wrong direction. Since God placed me where I could hear, and God performed the TRUE miracle of actually having an attending LISTEN to what he would consider non-medical personnel about a patient, we were able to get the RIGHT lifesaving treatment WITHOUT a cricothyroidotomy or damaging the surgical work previously done, which was my SECOND biggest fear after him dying as he had a destabilized mandible and palate that would NOT have been able to support pressing a bag valve mask against it for forced respiration that would have set his recovery WAY back and been MASSIVE pain besides.

    Had it not been for hallway talk, I would have taken him home in a box.

    Or an urn.

    Don’t discount hallway talk. It CAN be the most important converations your employees have…

  8. “A requirement for work, without proof of which you cannot buy or sell your labor.”

    It’s just a mark. No big deal.

  9. The problem is due process has ended and the courts aren’t hearing any of these cases and are slow rolling them just like they are with the people in jail with no criminal record that were in DC on Jan 6th. No one seems to notice none of the masks lawsuits and very few covid related cases have been in the courts and I’ve looked some up to see they were dismissed etc.


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