Sale Of $8 Billion in F-16s To Taiwan Moves Forward

Washington Examiner

President Trump has decided to approve a major sale of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, advancing a substantial upgrade of the island’s military defenses amid an array of tensions with China.

“These fighters are critical to improving Taiwan’s ability to defend its sovereign airspace, which is under increasing pressure from the People’s Republic of China,” Senate Foreign Relations Chairman James Risch, an Idaho Republican, said Friday. More

8 Comments on Sale Of $8 Billion in F-16s To Taiwan Moves Forward

  1. So why would PRC get upset because Taiwan buys a bunch of planes? It’s not like Taiwan is going to start a war. Does China really think we are stupid? (Make that STILL stupid).

  2. I never got a notice asking if I wanted to sell any of my combat aircraft purchased with my money…I want my $ from the transaction direct deposited…

  3. Official diplomatic recognition should be in-play with the WH. Enough Jimmahing around the issue. 2020 is looking good for the DPP and GOP.


    F16s do not cost 121 million dollars each. Hell, the the new F35s are only 80 million a pop.

    Man, those must be some expensive weapons systems. I bet they glow in the dark


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