Salesforce CEO Threatens to Pull Out of Red States If They Don’t Comply with Abortion Agenda – IOTW Report

Salesforce CEO Threatens to Pull Out of Red States If They Don’t Comply with Abortion Agenda


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is threatening to pull his software company’s operations out of Republican-run states if their policies do not align with his liberal worldview, specifically in regard to abortion policy.

Appearing on CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow on Friday, Benioff stated: “If you’re not for equality and dignity, then this is something that I cannot work with, and then we’re going to have to exit your city or your state.” More

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  1. Someone pointed out that they have a rather large office building in Georgia, I’m sure they have a lot of infrastructure in other red states too.
    They are welcome to refuse the money of conservatives; there are plenty of competitors happy to pick them up.

  2. Be funny when his shit goes bankrupt, with him bring front page/lead claiming that its all those evil conservatives that stopped using his product and bankrupted his precious company.

  3. Yawn… Another SF based PaaS company. Yes it’s one of the bigger ones, but… There are other CRM vendors. And look his stock is down 50% since November. Should be fun to watch tomorrow.

    The real fun will be when he starts breaking contracts and starts getting sued. The “Nice company you have there, be shame if something happened to it. Support baby killing or else!” shtick starts looking RICO actionable.


  4. There is no way the board of the company will allow him to pull out of at least half of the states. This is just a wink to the left so they don’t try to cancel the company

  5. Why are you putting aborted pictures on this story? We, your readers should not be subjected to those heartbreaking images.

  6. Here’s his product suite. What a joke. I remember these guys marketed us when they first got established. We are within that initial 200 mile radius. No use to manufacturers. After I told them to hit the street, I remember thinking their only market was internet sales. Any other application could be done for damn near free with Excel. And a lot better info. anyway, seems like he’s the only white guy that works there. He’s filthy with white guilt. He should kill himself and get it over with.

  7. The equality this idiot and others refer to is making woman equal men in a most bizarre and evil way: give women the right to legally kill a baby while it is still in the womb.

    Men don’t have that right or that power. The pro-abortion killers want women to have a right that men will never have. Where is the equality in that? There is none.

  8. He should be OK with his own VERY late term abortion, then.

    It makes no sense to continue your presence.

    You’re taking up valuable space and resources. You have been terminated.

    Thank you for playing.

  9. Slack – Social Media geared toward business where people, skilled or not, with active thumbs create cliques within cliques and get all caught up in the bussiness of doing business and completely forget about business.

    Sometimes itz just better to pick up the damn phone and actually talk to someone!


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