SALLY MILLER: Hillary and her ‘coke habit’ – IOTW Report

SALLY MILLER: Hillary and her ‘coke habit’

Warning: Not Safe For Anybody

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TheAmericanMirror: […] When I asked Bill if he shared his fantasies with Hillary, he laughed.

“What a joke! Sex is a waste of time to Hillary. When we were dating, she talked about making-out with her girlfriends in college because she knew it turned me on. Hillary seemed worldly and more sexually-experienced than me and, at the time, I liked it.”

“Before we married, I got her pregnant and she had an abortion. It bothered me because I didn’t know about it until it was over. Then, several months after the wedding, she slipped up again because she was too lazy to take the pill.


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  1. If all she says is true, Hillary is more fucked up than I gave her credit for. She bleeds acid.
    Not that Bill is any better. The 2 of them have all the deadly sins well covered.

  2. I thought for a moment that this was one of those trash writers that make the bs biographies but it would seem that she reported the affair back in 94 and had been threatened not to reveal it in 92. Anyway, she’s been quiet up to now but if even some of the revelations are true and the media actually does some investigating with an view to finding out the truth as opposed to discrediting the author this could cost her big. She may shore up the Gay Bully support as well as Planned Parenthood but lose big someplace else. I have to say this is the worst US election I’ve ever seen. An absolute dearth of good and honest candidates on both sides.

  3. SCR- That’s true. However, she could help push a few Dems who are against her into staying home or vote against her just for spite.

  4. It wasn’t long ago people were quoting a report from Bill’s lover that Bill claimed he shot blanks and Chelsea wasn’t his. So which is it? I hate the Clintons but these stories are a tad unreal.

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