Salt and Pepper

He says he has no idea what’s going on, and I believe him…

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  1. Some cutesy gifts from girlfriends can backfire, and you don’t even know what you did wrong. My advice is, give her a couple shots of tequila, then ask her to explain the meaning of each one. If you’re still friends after, you might have a keeper.

  2. She’s not getting what she needs from this goof sexually. She’s currently naked in his bed and he’s trying to figure out where the salt goes. A typical young American male.

  3. Puns, euphemisms and ironic humorous wordplay that pre date Millennials and Gen Z is lost on them – way over their heads.

  4. George Peppard should have done Grey Poupon commercials.

    Peppard never eats without Poupon…. this stuff writes itself…

    But I think the ‘joke’ in the vid is that he’s an engineer, if we’re to believe his shirt, so it’s an engineer over analyzing everything.

    Or I could be full of poupon. I’m good either way.

  5. Exhibit one of the typical soy boy metro-sexual male. Bet the very mention of charcoal grills scares him to death as well.

  6. Heck, sounds like something that congress would debate endlessly and at great cost. Just another time wasting to hide from doing real work.

  7. To quote one of my favorite engineers, “The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”
    ~ Montgomery Scott

  8. I’m kind of glad he doesn’t get it.
    It means he hasn’t spent time doing and being girlie things.

  9. Must be some sort of Urban problem.
    Rural America doesn’t seem to be confused with this.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. This dweebs name has got to be Mo Ron. What an idjit if he can’t figure out the difference between salt and pepper shakers. Is this generation of young emasculated men really that dumb or am I missing something. If it says salt it’s for salt and if it says pepper it’s for pepper, DUH! And you wonder how he deals with the sugar bowl. And is white sugar racist while brown sugar is not. And what about molasses which is black? There is such a thing as white pepper and don’t even get me started on rainbow peppercorns which they sell at Trader Joe’s.

  11. The number of holes in the top used to be the giveaway. But these days, holes can be whatever you identify them as.

  12. Notice his shirt.

    This is exactly my insufferable, asshole brother-in-law, who is “very analytical” and also an engineer.

  13. The shakers aren’t talking. The OWNER would be be saying these phrases ABOUT the shakers. Then it makes perfect sense, problem solved. And I spent too much time thinking about this.

  14. Kindness and blessings are lost on some engineers, they simply don’t know how to shut it off.

  15. The guy has on his T-shirt the word “Engineer.” Now we all know why dam spillways collapse, high rise buildings collapse, windmills explode, and nuclear power plants shut down. We’re looking at the problem, he doesn’t see it.

  16. that salt shaker , which ever one it is, is illegal in nyc.
    he needs to turn himself in, along with the pepper shaker. He’s going to get people killed. Since he is obviously confused, he needs to turn in both shakers, as either one is possibly contaminated. Salt and pepper shakers should not be kept in the same room, to avoid potential problems like this.


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