Salt Lake City: Help an Illegal Alien Identity Thief and Get a 60% Discount on Parking Fines

CIS: Salt Lake City has long been a sanctuary city — in a sanctuary state. So, it is not surprising that the mayor allows people to pay their “extremely” overdue parking fines at a 60 percent discount in exchange for a $10 donation to (among other groups) Comunidades Unidas, an organization whose nine-person board has two members from a law firm that openly touts its expertise in defending illegal alien identity thieves.

According to the Immigrant Defenders Law Group PLLC website, “Illegal immigrants face a completely different set of challenges and consequences for criminal convictions. We have dedicated our firm to protecting these peoples’ rights and defending their opportunity to live and work in the U.S.”

A key focus of this firm is helping illegal aliens avoid the consequences of the rampant identity theft and forgery — felonies — that they routinely engage in.  MORE

7 Comments on Salt Lake City: Help an Illegal Alien Identity Thief and Get a 60% Discount on Parking Fines

  1. WTF?? Is this from the onion??
    It’s becoming almost impossible to tell the difference between reality and liberalism.

  2. If comedy and tragedy had a child it would be an illegal alien from Utah stealing your identity being represented by these shisters. That’s ok, this law firm is on the radar now. Sleep tight shisthers. They all have 6 fingers.

  3. YGTBFM! I live near SLC and this is the first I’ve heard of this. I seldom go downtown for the very reason that it’s a bastion of Libtardism in a sea of (fairly) conservatism. And it’s not that the rest of Utah is “Sanctuary City” writ large. We just go about our day-to-day, and mind our own business, unless something/someone comes in to upset the apple cart.

    But thanks for the heads up. I have another target on my list for when TSHTF. Or maybe a little before.

  4. even local governments are filled with grifters of the clinton kind, makes me sick.

    do any patriots work in local, state and federal government?
    doesn’t look like it.

    gangster government.

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