Sam Shepard, Actor With the “Right Stuff” Departs at Age 73

The veteran actor and successful playwright, Sam Shepard, died Thursday at his  Midway, Kentucky home from complications caused by ALS [ Lou Gehrig’s disease].

Writer of numerous plays and receiving a Pulitzer Prize for “Buried Child,” he is best known for his role as Chuck Yeager in the 1983 film “The Right Stuff.”


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  1. Reading his Wiki page, he had some personal issues in the last 10 years. Drunk driving charges in 2009 and 2015.

    He’d been separated from Lange since 2009.

    The man had demons that apparently informed his plays.

  2. Wow, he was an Oscar nominee. That means that he was in the running to be given a statue of a bald headed naked man by his fellow make believe for a living dolts!

  3. Loved him in The Right Stuff and Black Hawk Down. I liked that he kept his politics to himself (as far as I know).

  4. Shepard was really good in Westerns. Blackthorn and Purgatory were awesome. He did remind me of Gary Cooper.

  5. Yep Bad_Brad, watched Purgatory again the other night, couldn’t believe the wife had never seen it.

    May he RIP, he did his job and did it well without fanfare or distraction.

  6. Never heard he had ALS, a terrible, terminal disease from which my mother died 35 years ago.

    Rest now, Sam…thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us. You’ll be missed!!!

  7. Read a lot of his plays… really good stuff. Was nailing Mia Kirshner in his last years, which is a pretty good way to exit.

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