Samantha Bee Apologizes For Vulgar Remark About Ivanka Trump

DC: Late night comedian Samantha Bee apologized Thursday for calling first daughter Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t.”

Bee said on her TBS show Wednesday night that Ivanka Trump is a “feckless c**t” because she will not oppose her father’s immigration policies on migrant children.

After near-universal backlash for her comments, Bee apologized in a public statement.  MORE


36 Comments on Samantha Bee Apologizes For Vulgar Remark About Ivanka Trump

  1. She’s lost twp sponsors. I had no idea who this idiot is. One of these days someone’s going to remind the left where the line of decency is. They’ve clearly forgotten.

  2. Bee’s despicable. Her slam was not only vulgar, it was also factually incorrect. Ivanka’s accomplished quite a lot and so she’s anything but feckless. As for the second part, being female means she HAS one – but she sure ISN’T one!

  3. Why do old Bill Cosby tv shows still rerun on TruTV still?? #MeeToo Another Time Warner property

  4. I will wait for Whoopedy and Joy the Hag Behar and others to condemn Sam Bee and demand that she be fired.

    I will wait and they will not do such a thing. I am waiting with a dirty mop that I will javelin down their throats because they are shitbag hypocrites that shill for the Left, that hates America.

    I happened to catch a few minutes of The View because the remote was 5 ft away. They were clucked some sanctimonious garbage thoughts about how ABC was righteous to fire Roseanne Barr and then they were off my screen.

    Can we war with the disgusting leftist parasites already !?

  5. Samantha, you ignorant slut.
    You insult one of the most capable women on earth.
    She can drive a D-9 and run a backhoe, and looks killer in clothes she designed while on diplomatic missions for the President of the United States, just like she did for the multi billion dollar Real Estate empire her family started.
    If you had accomplished half of what she has done, you would have gained the maturity to keep your flapping party hole closed.

  6. Maybe it’s time to let these liberal Hollywood women have a taste of their own medicine while walking down the street in a public place. I love the first amendment.

  7. I do not listen to my moral and intellectual inferiors like many from Hollywood, the Fake News Media, all Democrats, and lastly, the pathetic, vile, angry comedians with the IQ of their shoe size.

  8. Sally Field chimed in with this:

    “I like Samantha Bee a lot, but she is flat wrong to call Ivanka a c—,” she said. “C—s are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest.”

    Well, I have seen a few of those in my time. They are fascinating things for sure, but I don’t know about “powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest”.

    Field is just another Hollywood Hag Has-been.

  9. powerful – Yes, but keep doing those Kegels.
    beautiful – I’ve never seen an ugly one.
    nurturing – I dunno. Wouldn’t that be the uterus?
    honest – Has one ever lied to you? I rest my case.

  10. I’d say it takes one to know one but in Bee’s case it’s more “you are what you eat”.

  11. Sadly in recent years Sally Fields has taken many proactive steps to destroy her image of being a sweet likable person.

  12. The irony of the attack is Samantha Bee and her husband have vehemently opposed busing poor and immigrant children into the upscale NYC public school her kiddos go to. Immigration as long as she and her family are insulated.

  13. Never heard of her… But she said this on TBS?! Isn’t that one of the basic cable channels, that plays old b&w movies?
    I suppose you’re only in danger of having your show cancelled if you have an audience and might actually have some influence on the culture.
    The more I learn about tv, the more I love books.

  14. I’m getting used to not watching much tv. If the “media” keeps showing it’s vulgar childishness, I will probably have no tv soon.

  15. Must be someone in a corner office, explained CLEARLY to Samantha Bee that it’s way better to be a feckless cunt than a dumb one like her… ouch! that must have stung.

  16. …..she’s as truthful in her “apology” as I am when I tell everybody that I am going to start going to the gym….honest!

  17. I would never demand any show be cancelled now matter how outrageous and disgusting a statement. if it made me pissed off enough, I just wouldn’t watch it. I don’t support cancelling Samantha Bee’s show because I’m not a leftist douchebag.

  18. The left needs beat back in their place. The freaks are not going quietly into the night. Emboldened by 8 years of the Kenyan faggit. This may require force.

  19. for some unknown reason, some people are allowed to use phrases like “feckless cunt,” and get away with it……while other people, who say things like “the love-child of the muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes” must be condemned to the oubliette…..

    this is the problem with political correctness… never know what you’re allowed to say until you say it…sometimes, if it’s leftist enough, youare allowed to say it…..other times, when you’re promoting right-ish views, it’s heresy…

    we may as well admit that we have heresy laws now……because we do have heresy laws….

    say something that does not conform, and you will be damned….

    only God can save us now………we are so far gone that only God can save us…….but why should He????

    i think the requirement is something like ten or twelve good men????

    can we come up with that?… my doubts….

  20. With so many childish liberals throwing out the F and C words these days, it’s becoming very unfashionable to use 4-letter words anymore.

    I am trying real hard to cut down my use of words that are so popular with those fuckin’ leftist cunts. Starting tomorrow.

  21. First, that Sam Bee is a little hard on the eyes.
    OK ok, a lot hard on the eyes.

    Second, when I was just a baby toof, the C-word applied to a woman was a mild compliment, similar to the ‘MILF’ appellation today.

    Unfortunately, the devolution is like that of the word ‘gay’.


  22. Don’t they say that if you want to know who controls you, just ask who it is that your not allowed to criticize?

  23. So she apologizes for using that word but not for insulting Ivanka. Sounds like a non-apology to me!

  24. Never heard of Bee until she spewed this feculence. I have however observed Ivanka with growing admiration and respect in spite of her yankee leftism. She is class, Bee is a nothing.


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