Same Car Crashing Into Fixed Object at Varying Speeds – IOTW Report

Same Car Crashing Into Fixed Object at Varying Speeds

The motorcycle accident aftermath seems to be fake. But the video below is real.

20 KMH = 12.4 mph

180 KMH = 111.8 MPH

I’m not sure you’re going to survive if you hit that barrier.

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  1. Someone should post a video of a car driving off a cliff at various speeds to show what the idiot Dems are doing to the United States.

  2. Seems to me a waste of seven perfectly good cars. Don’t we already know that moving objects hitting immovable barriers is not good?

    Maybe in the next video, we can see cars crashing into each other from opposite directions, double the energy displacement.

  3. …they used to smash steam engine trains headon into each other for fun too, probably more exciting and way more dangerous.

    ht tps://

    …now do that with modern diesel electrics.

  4. @ SNS MARCH 18, 2023 AT 10:41 AM

    It’s called a cornfield meet and they killed a number of spectators due to airborne projectiles

  5. JDHasty
    MARCH 18, 2023 AT 10:45 AM

    …like I said, way more dangerous.

    But remote controls are better now too, as is video, so no one has to actually be there to enjoy it.

    …and its not like Democrats are going to let us have anything to put ON trains anyway, so why not…

  6. Speaking of car crashes, I got rear ended the other day outta nowhere. I looked over my already broken shoulder to see who rammed into me and of course it was Chasten.

  7. You can do a couple grand of damage at 5mph. Older cars had bumpers that weighed two hundred pounds.


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