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Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4

NY Times-

In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the majority opinion in the 5 to 4 decision. He was joined by the court’s four more liberal justices.

The decision, the culmination of decades of litigation and activism, came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in public opinion, with polls indicating that most Americans now approve of same-sex marriage.

Justice Kennedy said gay and lesbian couples had a fundamental right to marry.

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family,” he wrote. “In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”

HuffPoop Bemoans Scalia’s Dissent

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  1. “In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.” Well, that happened to me and my wife after we got married, but I just figured the weight gain was due to age.


  2. It won’t be good enough for them.

    Now they will demand “special rights” and “special preferences” with matters such as adoption, having a token gay couple in every movie, show and tv commercial.

    And of course, anyone who even blinks at this the fags will scream like mashed cats, protest, and sue for free money so they don’t have to work.

  3. Okay, the fags won….So why are they still standing in front of the supreme court screaming?
    You fucking won, now shut up and go fucking home.

    It’s Friday afternoon….Don’t any of these people have jobs like the rest of us?? Oh wait…yeah,they don’t….

  4. @Death_By_Farts, I’m afraid you’re right.
    And how about “reparations” for having been maligned all these years?
    Plus, this will make a great political platform.
    Buckle up…the insanity is going to ratchet up exponentially.

  5. 4 years ago I blogged that Church architecture, like stained glass windows, reliefs showing saints and angels and crosses, as well as the sound of church bells, would be deemed offensive because they can be seen and heard from public spaces.

    At the time some said I was being a bit too paranoid.

    What do you think now?

  6. To loosely paraphrase;

    “If you piss on God’s toes, don’t be surprised if you get kicked in the nuts”

    Our nations judges have urinated aplenty.

  7. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Period. It is sacred. It is holy. It is God’s first institution and the bedrock of society. A jug eared, maniacal narcissistic effeminate president cannot change that nor can nine black robed justices or an immoral and perverse culture. It is beyond sickening to watch people dancing in the streets at this ruling.

    It has, however, been a banner month for our illustrious Supreme Court:

    First, they rule Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel (best part being that Congress overstepped its bounds in 2005 and only the EO gets to make that determination, read: Obama)

    Second, refuses to protect the unborn (again)—the North Carolina abortion ruling.

    Third, homosexual marriage is the law of the land.

    We have been turned over to our vile, reprobate minds.

    God have mercy on us, but we deserve everything coming our way.

  8. Next up? Loss of tax exempt status for churches that refuse to marry homos.

    Also on the burner will be the inability of those lucky enough to have a voucher for K-12, to use it at a religious school that refuses to marry homos.

    Oh yeah baby, this is just the pry bar the homos have been trying to get for years-it has nothing to do with marriage, it’s all about forcing us to worship their deviancy.

  9. I’m afraid with the greatest mass murder in history, still on going BTW, under our belts, God will have no mercy.

    We’re all a bunch of fucking cowards for putting up with this shit and deserve every fucking cattle car in our future.

  10. Now they are “equal,” and therefore can peel off their equal stickers and lower their freak flags.

    They wanted to be like everyone else — They got it — Now what’s their gripe?

  11. First, why do my comments keep disappearing before I get a chance to finish my comments. And second God is still in charge even though the Supreme Court declared themselves to be gods this morning with this insane, ungodly, unconstitutional decision. My trust is in God and not man!

  12. I just informed my 11yr old he doesn’t need to worry about finding a girlfriend, a boy is just the same.

    You should have seen the look he gave me. Daggers flew out of his eyes and lodged in my gut. He gets embarrassed when I speak of him meeting a girl — Now he’s gunna really be pissed when I point out boys for him.

  13. This isn’t going to mesh with sharia all that well unless the congregation is patient and waits until after the ceremony to throw the happily married couple off the roof.

  14. Exactly. I have to remind myself every now and then that the Bible tells us not to get too caught up in the things of the world.

    They can celebrate perversion and throw it in our faces as much as they want, but it still doesn’t make it right, and they will still have to face the ultimate Judge – like we all do.

  15. Hey, how ’bout you marry me AND my wife? Certainly, based on its language, this SC decision allows that as well.

    Unicorns and rainbows.

  16. I just read an interesting comment from Joel Rosenberg – “The Tehran Initiative” In the last days, the Lord was going to allow great trials and tribulations to occur to shake people out of the notion that anything, but Faith in Jesus Christ could save them” So are we in that time? We cannot rely on any of the 3 braches of Government to save us from this mess!! Or maybe this is just a nudge from God saying “Yes I am real and Yes I am in charge, and no, I am not really happy with you”

  17. The world goes one way, and the Church (Catholic)……stays firm. Though with Francis at the helm, I don’t know. I agree with @geoff the aardvark–God is still in control. It’s my only solace right now, that and the fact I won’t be on this earth forever. Eventually leaving for something much better.

  18. I demand that polygamy be reexamined, sounds like a deal to me. Walk out of the house, do a good day’s work, come home to tidy house, good meal. I’m OK with that.

  19. As David Barton pointed out this morning, the Supreme Court also said the Fugitive Slave Act was a good law and would stand. The majority of Americans said, “Nope, it’s not, and it won’t stand.”

    This is the same tack we need to take. The Left never gives up. I won’t give up.

    Today’s verse in my devotional was divinely inspired:

    Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
    — 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

  20. September, 2028
    Lazlo the Elder was arrested at a Rainbow Compliance Checkpoint yesterday for several charges stemming from his refusal to participate in the “New Acceptance Handshake” imposed by the Clinton Rainbow Equality Coalition Force, stating “Touch me there and you’ll draw back a stump” and for destruction of several Govt. Camera and ‘Friendly Suggestion’ drones, and for committing several “Hateful Utterance Micro-aggressions” directed at Emperator Clinton.
    All crimes are punishable by Compassionate Euthanasia and will be carried out during Mandatory TV time on Monday Night.

  21. This sort of outrageous behavior is what you get when you grant others power over you. So far, no mechanism to limit those powers has ever been demonstrated, and I specifically include the U.S. Constitution in that statement.

    Expecting law-breaking govt people to obey govt-limiting laws is exactly the same thing as expecting law-breaking gun owners to obey gun control laws.

  22. Based on the latest interpretation of the constitution lawsuits are already being filed for all 57 states to respect concealed carry reciprocity

  23. Anyone know if I can get married with a Confederate Flag Themed wedding. The bride and groom will make their clothes totally out of Confederate Flags.
    The flags will be everywhere. Everyone will be waving the flag.
    I’m sure if we were gay it would be ok. But we are not.

  24. There isn’t a world free of boundaries or limits as much as the current generation would like to believe there is. Islam, like all types of fascism says “you have the freedom to do what you MUST do”. That is the type of freedom we are heading toward, either in sharia or under the progressive statist movement. Every activity must be regulated and a law put in place under statist systems because the system does not believe that there is a natural law that God put in place, so Gods limits are replaced with “You have the freedom to do what you must do.”

  25. Sodomite Marriage.

    ……… not ‘gay’ marriage; not ‘same-sex’ marriage.

    Quit softening the meaning and permanence of Hell.

  26. Feb.3, 1913

    Ratification of the 16th Amendment.

    or Nov. 5, 1912

    National election propelling Wilson to the Presidency and Democrats to control Congress.

  27. Arm yourselves.
    The Lord will NOT be mocked.
    You stand for Him, or you stand for Hell.

    There is NO middle ground.

  28. This decision did more than what it was intended to do. It now has proven that the institutions of government are no longer needed or relevant. The law can be whatever anyone wants it to be, Hence the unwritten law ‘Survival of the Fittest’ will be the new constitution

  29. Yo! SCOTUS!

    Open the Constitution and fucking SHOW ME!
    I can’t find the word “marriage” in my copy.
    You lying pieces of whale dreck.

    “Rights” are granted by God and recognized by the Government, not conferred by political appointees.

    Fags cannot “marry.” PERIOD.

  30. I was thinking, why not just refer to it as Islamic style sex?

    Muslims bend over 5 times a day to offer their raised asses to Satan similar to sodomites when they are practicing sexual perversions, and ultimately they’ll both end up in the same place – so why not?

    Muslims worship Satan and sodomites worship the SCOTUS, both factions are in violation of the 1st Commandment.


  31. I have said for years that government should not be the institute of marrage. If it was not involved in decisions such as marrage. Today would be just another Friday.

    I believe marrage is between two individuals becoming one in the eyes of God. But since government (an institution of man) has taken control over marrage we have arrived at todays ‘ruling’.

    My reading for today was -1st Corinthians 5

    I pray for guidance and peace for others and with myself. I was once lost in my world with no God or belief in anything but myself. Now with the Lord by my side I have overcome most of the perplexity I had felt. I know I can only heal myself and offer others the light. Grasping the light is their part.

  32. I don’t think saying that will have much impact now, but sure wish it would. I, for one, am tired of this crap and have felt like I’m living in another country.

  33. The Supremes have just officially ruled that the 14th amendment has invalidated the 10th amendment. There is no longer any need for state governments or state constitutions. We are now the United State!!!!! Federal Governmental powers are now to be shared equally by the Office of the President and a five 5 member majority of Supreme Court Justices!

  34. This has been the dream of the totalitarians since Lincoln and, later, Wilson. That’s why the 16th and 17th were passed.

    This is why they require an ignorant, compliant population.

    And now, they got it.

  35. Very sad day for the United States of America. I have been prepared for this, yet somehow in the mist of the moral deterioration of this country, The True and Living God is in control. There is hope. Yes, the deviants and leftists (sometimes the same thing) have ruled the day, the battle is not over. The tactics and motives of these depraved people are exposed, which gives us as conservatives the opportunity to fine tune our strategies in this battle for our nation’s soul.
    As a Christian, I know there is a spiritual component to this situation. God loves these very sick people, and wants them to be free from the abhorrent behavior of homosexuality. He will not over ride their will, but they have a choice to be free or remain bond by sin. Yes, sin, defined by God, and which separates us from a Loving God, who paid the price on the cross for our freedom.
    This nation will pay a price for the desire to support sodomy and degradation, but that only gives those who are righteous and those who support righteousness that much more fuel to stand up and proclaim, “One Nation under God” and fight to turn this nation from wickedness. BTW, The United States of America has not yet become Sodom and Gomorrah, because God can still find righteous men in this country – that has stayed His hand from our destruction many, many times.
    Christians and conservatives must continue to stay on course and work to right the ship, despite what seems like a hopeless endeavor.
    Be encouraged. Even though there are extremely dark days, intense battles and losses ahead, the light always purifies and eliminates the darkness. We can’t give up now. Have no doubt, the opposition never will.

    BTW, this is why I keep fighting; . . . . .

  36. Um, are you criticising all religions or just one in particular? If you are only directing your comments to one, then you are committing discrimination and can be prosecuted. What you have committed is disparate impact and by itself is evidence of discrimination.

    Also, did you believe every statement and word that Obama said during the campaign to pass the PPACA bill in 2010? If so, then you may pay for my health coverage for me. Thank you.

    Oh and this is in response to the one called “Twitter Fag”.

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