San Diego: Asians, non-Muslims file suit against schools’ cooperation with Muslim advocacy


Two non-profit organizations have joined six parents in lawsuit against the San Diego Unified School District over the education authorities’ use of an “initiative to combat Islamophobia” in its schools. According to Frank Xu, who presides over the San Diego Asian Americans for Equality — a plaintiff in the suit — “Students of all faiths face daily bullying, but instead of protecting all religious students, the school district has selected Muslim students to receive special protection and resources.”

In April, the school district supervisors voted 4-0 in April to implement a program and policies intended to address alleged bullying of Muslim students in schools. The district cooperated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — an unindicted conspirator in a federal investigation into Muslim terrorism — to conclude upon solutions to the supposed problem.

Among the recommendations: a review of school library books by Muslim authorities; providing Islamic training and materials to teachers; “safe space” for Muslims; marking Muslim holy days on school calendars; teaching about Islam in social studies classes.
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7 Comments on San Diego: Asians, non-Muslims file suit against schools’ cooperation with Muslim advocacy

  1. If they touch those books, it’ll be Hell to Pay in San Diego.
    We don’t have a Muslim problem downtown or in Coastal areas, however our inland valleys got Screwed Big time. The Valleys have loads of Big ass White guys who know their Firearms , that’s why I don’t think they’ll even get to the books.

  2. The morons on the school board were just begging for a legal showdown, Perhaps they have too much money and were unable to spend it. I’m delighted to see parents have stepped in, one of the solutions would be to fire those imbeciles on the school board!

  3. So where’s the protections for Christians? If they’re going to teach islam in schools, they’d better teach Christianity. And Buddhism, taoism and all kinds of others…

  4. @ Keith Smith, I disagree. No public school system is the US has any business TEACHING any religion, unless they offer a, “World Religions,” course. Otherwise, the only religious book that should be used in US public schools, is the Bible. As that is the primary resource that the founders used to write our founding documents. There’s plenty of time for students to pursue religious, multi-culti activities outside of school.

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