San Diego’s Latest Solution To Homeless Hepatitis Problem

No, that’s not a shelter for some temporary sales event or someone’s wedding.  It’s a tent to shelter San Diego’s homeless and provide services to them while they are guest of the city. The goal is to give the homeless  safer living conditions and prevent the further spread of Hepatitis A which has already claimed 20 lives.

San Diego has earmarked $6.5 million for three industrial tents to shelter about 700 of the homeless until next June. 65 percent of those who stay are expected to find permanent housing.


14 Comments on San Diego’s Latest Solution To Homeless Hepatitis Problem

  1. What’s up with that Arabic arch? Looks like a Bedouin sheik’s desert palace. Who exactly is it with all the hepatitis? Better question: Where did they buy the tents? Saudi Arabia?

  2. I wonder if they’re going to powder them down with DDT or something to stop the spread of fleas and bed bugs.

    It’s bunk bed living under the tents. Less privacy than a prison.

  3. San Diego’s homeless and provide services to them while they are “guest” of the city

    nice language, how creative, the word guest suggests invitation.
    were they all invited to come to san diego ?
    by whom ?
    shouldn’t the party offering the invitation pay to house the guests they invited ?

  4. The idiots on the town Council are trying to put one over on the taxpayers! they can use the vacated naval hospital as a place to keep them for at least a while. Almost anything is better than a wide-open tent!

  5. tents don’t stop or prevent the spread of Hepatitis
    bathrooms don’t either
    buy them an ice cream sundae, too- almost as effective

  6. “San Diego’s Latest Solution To Homeless Hepatitis Problem”

    I never knew homeless Hepatitis was such a problem. Perhaps they could provide something more permanent than a tent for those disease germs. Maybe get Jimmeh Carter involved, call it “Habitat For Hepatitis”, or something like that.

    Ya think?

  7. San Diego is Screwed, as Lib’s encourage Migration North the Sick and all come First to San Diego. In a Just world a $ 10,000 dollar Fee would come with your Democrat Voter Registration, as that’s what your Vote will Cost the Sane Tax Payers !!!

  8. Back in the good old days of the New Age and its attendant psychobabble, the Progressives would have called this “enabling” and the “enabler” would be viewed with as much disdain as a drug dealer to an addict. There is legitimate need by some people who find themselves and their family on the street or living out of their car, but I can’t help thinking that most of these “homeless” are people who prefer their nomadic lifestyle.

  9. AbigailAdams

    My personal belief is it’s not that simple. Granted there’s always been a certain percentage of the population that don’t mind or even prefer that lifestyle. I think they use to call them Hobos. Take a drive up 99 from Yuba City to Chico and you will be shocked. Anyway I always am. Even worse, Oroville. It’s a cold slap in the face when you see a 65 year old couple homeless, and I’ve seen a few. Wealth redistribution at it’s finest. Thanks Barry.


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