San Fran Has a New Mayor… and They Will Helm the Further Descent of a Once Great City

Her name is London Breed, the first black (woman)mayor of San Francisco.

Doug Wakeman saw a striking resemblance with a famous American icon.

20 Comments on San Fran Has a New Mayor… and They Will Helm the Further Descent of a Once Great City

  1. Back when I was 21, shortly after they invented electricity, I was working at a shop and one of the guy there turned 21 and we decided we’d run his ass up to SF on a Friday night. Which we did. It didn’t take him long to hook up with this hot looking Latino woman. They split and found a hotel. Turns out that hot looking Latino was NOT a woman. My buddy left it laying in a pool of blood. Beat to shit. A prosecutable offense now days. Not so much in 1978. After all, imagine my pals surprise. Took the wife to Pier 39 shortly after we were married and she couldn’t beleive the amount of guys getting head jobs from other guys on the street. I’m thinking that was 1984. Our very last trip there ended up in a battle with a roving Asian Street gang. “Every one was Kung Fu Fighting” I guess my point is that city hasn’t been great since the sixties and is waiting for seven pillar of salt.

  2. Bad Brad I think it would create positive changes thru Competition, and New opportunities for Individuals to have far more Power. Brad as it is it’s Hopeless, and Corrupt as Hillary Herself.

  3. “1st black female. Willy Brown was mayor back in the 90’s.”

    And Kamala Harris was his pin cushion.

  4. Plantsman

    I question the political affiliation of the guy that created this. The split sucks. Every individual state still needs to contend with a major Libtard over populated zone. I’m a big fan of Jefferson. If I knew for a fact that wasn’t going to happen I might be more willing to roll the dice. Anything is better than the current Nazi’s in charge. I hope you’re enjoying our current AG’s eligibility issues for re election. I certainly am. Those damn pesky laws.

  5. October 17, 1989 was a good day for a baseball game.
    At 5:04 the tires on the girlfriend’s Audi turned to jello whilst heading to Oakland on the East Bay bridge.
    She made it home alive.
    15 seconds of a San Francisco 6.9er
    Wouldn’t wish that test on any mayor but history does have a way of repeating itself.
    Alfred E. Breed prepared for such a test?

  6. At some point you would think they would run out of historic firsts, but then there’s all those other genders, also commonly known as mental illness.

  7. Tragically, my first child was murdered in a San Francisco abortion clinic in 1973 without my knowledge. I found out years later by accident. I had four sons with the same woman before she divorced me to “find herself”. She’ll find herself in hell one day. I hope San Francisco slides into the Pacific some day.

  8. @ Shazzam The day before that, I was nearly incinerated in a massive fireball at the chemical plant where I worked.

  9. Wow, such uplifting stories about SF. Has anyone ever thought about how things would be different if it had been Oakland?

  10. Brad, had the same experience with the Ninja gangs in SF back in the musician days.
    Driving home to the hotel about three in the AM I saw a bunch of them piling on a white guy. I got out and grabbed my go-to at the time: Three foot bar clamp and went a Viking
    Those were the days

  11. Poor
    Precisely 50 years ago Frisco had a “Capo: for Mayor. Was he the first Capo Mayor or did NY beat us to the punch?

    His daughter would be Mayor decades later. Was she the first Capo\a Mayor? Again I think Bklyn beat us.

    Lesson from the 50’s if you live in San Fran live in a Mafia area – really was less crime!

  12. @ Plantsman

    The problem with the proposal to divide us into 3 states is that San Francisco is going to be the capital of Northern California. You want SF to be in charge of your life? I DON’T.

    Three LIBERAL States instead of one. 6 libtard senators instead of two A total disaster.


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