San Francisco archbishop holds exorcism at desecrated statue of Junípero Serra: ‘Evil is present here’

BPR: The Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco took an extreme step to purge the site of a statue that was torn down by ignorant leftists in an “act of sacrilege.”

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone condemned the criminal behavior of vandals who toppled the statue of Roman Catholic Spanish priest, St. Junípero Serra, last week in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. At a prayer vigil held at the site over the weekend, Cordileone offered a prayer of exorcism “because evil is present here.” MORE

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  1. if he stopped off at every evil place & did this he’d never live long enough to get out of SanFran …. just stopping at Pelosi’s would exhaust him to death

  2. Ephesians 6:12
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  3. He needs to sprinkle Holy Water on that rancid old commie cunt pelosi…I know she would explode into flames!

  4. … which makes one wonder, did he ever grant communion to any D’rat that believes in, promotes & upholds abortion on demand, or do anything in his power to to stop this evil, barbaric practice?

    not judging, just asking

  5. I suppose they will come after this statue of Father Junipero Serra located on Junipero Serra Freeway, also known as The 280 Freeway. I drive by it pretty often and though it isn’t the most attractive statue, it’s California history. Also, once in a while kids will hang a tire on a rope from his finger as if he’s plsying with a yo-yo. 😁


  6. Did the statues head spin around and and puke green pea soup like in the Exorcist. To this day I have never watched The Exorcist and never will. I don’t watch slasher movies nor movies about demonic possession.

  7. @Jimmy
    Priest: “My Father can beat your father at Dominoes.”
    Congregation: “No he can’t.”
    Priest: “Yes he can.”


  8. @Anon Prime ~ in reference to your first post … the man knows his doctrine, for sure

    so, if I’m getting this correct, as long as the sinner receives ‘the sacrament of penitence’ & ‘absolution’ … it’s all good

    Nan sighs relief … & writes a big check … got it


    One does wonder about detecting sincerity in penitence. However, even if an impenitent person can fool a priest (or bishop or archbishop) he or she will never fool God.

  10. Wait! … @Anon Prime ~ wish you would’ve posted the second link first!

    “the bishop immediately sent a letter to her invoking Canon 915 that she should not present herself to receive Communion and the letter became public,” causing a media firestorm. … oh noz!!!

    “As a result, the polls started shifting, and the Democrat ended up getting elected, so that’s why there’s a wider picture that has to be surveyed,” Archbishop Cordileone explained.

    again … political expediency & $$$ over the absolute morality of Christ

    P.S. not trying to make this an argument against Catholicism … all organized religion is corrupt, IMO … it’s a human institution, after all

    … & Archbishop Cordileone seems to be a very nice, conflicted priest (as we all are; love the sinner, hate the sin)
    … & Amen to your last comment!

  11. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ—

    Well, I found the second link second. Even I cannot make time run backwards (although that would be pretty cool).

  12. @Ann Non ~ lol

    thank you for your time in enlightening me … I truly appreciate your efforts

  13. Is it possible Satan challenged President Trump, and the entire country, more than Satan challenged the Arch Bishop of San Francisco? How much pure evil can be concentrated in one area?

  14. I suspected something was up.

    Last time I talked to my sister in SF and tried to calmly point out that Pope Gregory VV condemned slavery in the early 19th century while Muslims were the sellers of some 30 million African slaves, she vomited green bile at me

    Then when she started shrieking unspeakable obscenities about our mother and I protested, “Hey, she’s your mother, too!” she did that thing where she twists her head 360 degrees. Am I’m like, “How do you manage to do that without killing yourself!!”

    So, its an actual demon that’s doing this


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