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San Francisco bans Pool Noodles, foam products

CPR: Full Disclosure:  On Wednesdays my wife, and sometimes me, take care of two of our grandchildren at our home.  The kids are three and six years old who love swimming.  So, they go into a pool and are great swimmers.  They also use “noodles”, a Styrofoam three foot long board, so they can float in the pool.  We live in Simi Valley—if we lived in totalitarian San Fran, as of January 1, 2017, the use of the noodles would be outlawed.

“COME AND TAKE IT: San Francisco passed the nation’s most extensive ban on foam products, which means no more take-out trays, disposable coffee cups or pool noodles.

So they banned pool toys, too.

Yes, those fun, funky and floatable pool noodles are made out of the same stuff as packing peanuts. That means they’ve got to go, even though pool noodles aren’t (usually) the type of thing that you’d use once and then throw away – like a coffee cup or a take-out tray – and they’re not produced in such massive quantities as to clog up the nation’s landfills.”

How totalitarian is San Fran?  They want children to stop using a noodle in the pool.  Next they will be outlawing cereals and foods that are not GMO qualified, organic or doesn’t have tofu as an ingredient.   San Fran is the headquarters of the Nanny State.  more

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  1. I hope that someone takes them to court over the drowning of a child (G-d forbid!), that could have been prevented if there were a pool noodle available.

    Stoopid should have painful consequences.

  2. Anon,
    Nothing against you, not ranting at you, but please explain (in PETA’s words. I want to hear their stoopidity in action), how VEGAN ice cream is different from NORMAL ice cream? I never heard of NORMAL ice cream using any butchered animal MEAT products (steak, liver, bacon, etc) in it, but NORMAL ice cream DOES use milk, cream, and/or eggs in it. Does VEGAN ice cream NOT use milk, cream, and/or eggs in it? If it doesn’t use milk, cream and/or eggs, then it’s NOT ice cream. If it doesn’t use milk, cream and/or eggs, and calls itself ice cream, then that’s fraud and false advertizing.

    Book ’em, Dano!

  3. I scream, you scream,
    We all scream for…

    Full-fat coconut milk, agave, honey, turbinado or cane sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and corn starch…?


  4. San Fran? Of course they want only one type of noodle in the pool, the only option is to ban the competition.

  5. Not that I ever plan to set foot into California, much less San Fran, much less ever take my kids swimming there, but…

    I can understand that the city might ban the sale of pool noodles, but what are they going to do if my kids and I show up with one? Call a cop and have us arrested? Attempt to confiscate my property? Refuse me entrance to a public pool?

    Seriously, I want to know: what action will they take to enforce this ban?

  6. I could see pool noodles being banned by muzzie communities. They could give the men serious inadequacy complexes and excite their black bagged women.

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