San Francisco Bar to Become Giant Ball Pit



On March 19 and 20, a primely-located San Francisco bar will become a ball pit filled with thousands of plastic balls. It will be an adult version of the Chuck E. Cheese experience–except with booze, and hopefully without the pink-eye that often comes with children’s public playpens.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a local bucket list organization named Forward Motion San Francisco posted a Facebook announcement of their intention to convert the “Romper Room into the largest ball pit San Francisco has ever seen. This is the first ever event of it’s kind to be done. Growing up is never easy. Come celebrate and reunite with your inner child!”


Let the jokes begin!

16 Comments on San Francisco Bar to Become Giant Ball Pit

  1. The first customer to find the pink balls (while avoiding the brown ones) wins the special prize attached thereon.


  2. What goes for a prime location in San Fran? By a light pole falling over from piss? Around the corner from the glory hole wall?

  3. Amen to that. AdSupply pop-ups seem to be the worst about hijacking the CPU. Although I try not to, sometimes I have to turn on tracking protection just to be able to get to the next post.


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