San Francisco Bay Area Gas Station Nears $8 Per Gallon – IOTW Report

San Francisco Bay Area Gas Station Nears $8 Per Gallon

A San Francisco Bay Area gas station is charging nearly $8 per gallon ahead of Memorial Day weekend as California’s average price continues to trend upward, ABC’s KABC-TV 7 reported on Tuesday.

The Chevron station in Menlo Park, California, was pictured offering regular gasoline to customers at a price of $7.25 per gallon, with its higher-octane gasoline hitting $7.75 per gallon.

Gas prices are spiking across the country at shocking rates. In California alone, gasoline has gone up almost $2 per gallon over the last year. That number over the same period nationwide is $1.61, according to The Daily Wire.

The AAA national average of gas prices sat at $4.598 per gallon as of Monday, with California above an average of $6 per gallon – by far the highest in the country. more here

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  1. But, but, but, what about low income earners? Where’s the compassion?
    It’s going to $10.00. They’ve told you so. Ima just going to sit back and enjoy the show. No baby food, they can’t afford the gas to go to work. Groceries are up at least 30%.
    Should be fun.

  2. My fallback was a little cheaper gas at Costco. No more. It was actually higher there than here in PA. Over $5 at Costco, $4.84 here.

    $1.89 in AR in Nov/20

  3. Brad
    MAY 26, 2022 AT 2:44 PM
    “But, but, but, what about low income earners? Where’s the compassion?”

    …I’m sure there will be a “Equity” program for them.

    Just for BIPOC.

    White people can just die.

    So sayeth the government.

  4. SNS

    I dunno. Our local abcnbccbc affiliates have been airing interviews of people at the pumps in SoCal. They are far from happy and far from white.
    Something got to give. I think it’s almost pop corn time.

  5. The STUPIDS who actually think this helps so-called “Global Warming” are badly misled, useful idiots! For one thing there is no Man made global warming, cooling or otherwise. The Earth has been warming and cooling since it was created. Secondly, the United States started working on pollution controls in the 60s. To that point we have cleaned up our air and water tremendously since, so much so that The US and Europe are 10 times lower than Asia… yet somehow we’re the bad guy! Well that just as disingenuous as “Global Warming”! We let the Socialist, Communist democRATs have the keys to the nation and now they’re on a holy jihad to kill the nation all together while hiding behind the curtain of “Global Warming”!

  6. The magic number was to have been 7 in Obama’s first two terms — and electricity rates were to necessarily skyrocket.

    In Obama’s third term, ego inflation, his and his handlers, has pushed the magic number higher. 10 seems a bit conservative. 20 would be a closer match to their arrogance.

  7. @Brad: “I think it’s almost pop corn time”.

    Maybe it’s Corn Pop time. Corn Pop with an AR15

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