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San Francisco: Main Beam Crack Causes Evacuation of New $2.3B Transit Center

Breitbart CA: San Francisco evacuated passengers and closed off traffic on Tuesday after workmen found a potentially catastrophic beam crack under its new $2.26 billion transit center.

The three-city-block terminal that was designed to handle 100,000 riders a day as a northern terminus for the California High-Speed Rail was dubbed the “Grand Central Station of the West” when it opened August 10.

But the stress crack is just the latest trouble for the $8 billion redevelopment project, which is owned by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) as a partnership of San Francisco, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit Authority, and Caltrain.

Workers installing ceiling panels in the third-level underground bus depot at about 10 a.m. discovered a 6.5-foot wide crack in a main steel beam supporting the massive 5.4 acre raised rooftop garden. The terminal was evacuated and traffic cordoned off by 4:30 p.m., causing an epic traffic jam, according to  MORE HERE

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  1. “…discovered a 6.5-foot wide crack…”

    Okay, journo…did you mean 6.5 foot long? If it’s six feet wide, we are way beyond crack here.

  2. I wonder if San Francisco is like NYC where women and minorority own contractors get preferential treatment. In NYC they get jobs based on who the owner is, not if they have the experience or skill for a big city project

  3. Illegal Mexican craftsmanship, like the recent film of the building in Mexico where the entire side of a five story building fell off while they were setting windows. Ha

  4. I’ve been desensitized, when I first read; ‘main beam crack’ I thought it was just another new style of heroin or some other dope.

  5. One absolute rule of engineering is don’t put any unnecessary weight on a structure in an earthquake zone. All of that extra weight adds momentum to the oscillations. (Extend your arm with a baseball in your hand and move it up and down, then try it with a 9 pound hammer.)

  6. No problemo. Pelosi or Fineswine’s relatives will get the rework project and make a massive killing off the tax payers. Half the voters don’t care as long as money does not go to a conservative who would do it right the first time for a lot less.

  7. For over 100 years the “Grand Cent Station of the West ” has been in LA. If you are old enough the remember before TV we had radio.
    Jack Benny opened his show”factiously” at Grand Central with the train announcer saying, “… leaving on track #5 Anaheim, …, and Cu … ca… manga…!”

    in 1920 the West’s GCS was in LA and was for the next 80 years.

    Those under 70 should find a URL that holds old radio shows. This SoCal kid was very good. As was another So Cal kid on the show who would go on to be a big star on his own later. – Mel Blanc. I tonic 20 min hearing one of Jack’s shows would be fun.

    I admit Im old


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