San Francisco Police Nab 50 Fugitives In Five Hours

Breaking 911: On Wednesday, San Francisco Police Department’s Tenderloin Station conducted a five-hour fugitive recovery operation that led to the arrest of 50 individuals wanted on warrants for crimes including burglary, aggravated assault and drug dealing.

The operation is a component of SFPD’s ongoing strategy to make San Francisco’s Tenderloin and downtown districts safer. The strategy includes increased foot beats and undercover operations to address criminal activity. mugshots

14 Comments on San Francisco Police Nab 50 Fugitives In Five Hours

  1. As long as you give out free needles, let people crap all over the place, don’t enforce the laws against petty crime, and give welfare to all the homeless, this won’t work.

  2. The Tenderloin station … really !
    They could have randomly selected any 50 San Fransiscan’s, and the Photo’s would have looked the same.

  3. Greg Dodson appears to be having a good day…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Mor’n likely they arrested 50 citizens who said things like: “Gosh, I don’t know about this gay thing….maybe it’s not as great as it’s cracked up to be”.

  5. Great job, but wait 24 hours and see how many have already been released. Then issue new warrants when they fail to appear for the next court date.


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