San Francisco: Prime Waterfront location will be homeless shelter

DC: The Port Commission of San Francisco is set to approve a prime Embarcadero waterfront location for what will be the largest homeless shelter in the city.

The commissioners, appointed by the mayor, are scheduled to vote on the proposal April 23. It is expected to be approved. “The commission is likely to support the mayor’s proposal, but has a strong track record of engaging with the community,” said Elaine Forbes, the port’s executive director, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

The facility, called a “SAFE Navigation Center,” (Shelter Access For Everyone) is planned to house at least 175 people and provide comprehensive social services for the area’s homeless, including care for pets and access to storage, according to Jeff Kositsky, executive director of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.

The shelter will be located at Seawall Lot 330, directly across from piers 30/32, and is estimated to be open for four years. The area around the proposed shelter site is densely residential, consisting mainly of high-end apartment homes in the Rincon Hill and South Beach neighborhoods, ranging from $750,000 to millions of dollars, per Zillow.



14 Comments on San Francisco: Prime Waterfront location will be homeless shelter

  1. Just bring back mental hospitals and get this over with. And, give beds to these crazy ass politicians priority.

  2. They’re treating these homeless like sacred cows in hopes of motivating more trash to barge in to the country so they can be driven to the polls!
    It’s called Advertising folks!

  3. Smack-dab in a ritzy neighborhood. The rich progs are about to get a dose of how their beliefs impact their daily lives.

  4. It’s on the South side of the Oakland Bay Bridge away from the touristy areas. Clearly, San Fran is seeking to reduce the amount of poop they need to wash off Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and Presidio Heights. Check Zillow to see how few nice places are available for $750K. The homeless shelter is across a street from the waterfront and it is NOT prime.


    P.P.S. Look Pelosi’s neighborhood.


  5. A similar situation will happen when the Seattle viaduct comes down and the area is reclaimed as a park. A great idea till it fills up with poop and needles and tents. The only way the libtards will be moved to do anything about it is if the mess runs into and contaminates Puget Sound. Orcas and salmon, first y’all!

  6. An article said they had a public hearing and it was overflowing with people who wanted to speak.

    Of course the article didn’t say who side the overflowing crowd was on, but any nitwit can guess.

    These commiefag leftists want to shove this stuff on everyone but themselves.

    Just like the kennedys fighting offshore windfarms near their beachfront property in mass or streisand fighting anyone having the ability to walk the public beaches outside her gated property. Or paul ryan prohibiting a border wall around america while he sits in his gated home.

    F them all.

  7. For every illegal we get we should send Mexico 3 homeless to live at their resorts. Problem solved….


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