San Francisco Refused To Turn Illegal Alien Over To ICE

And He Just Murdered A Woman.

illegal murders woman

20 Comments on San Francisco Refused To Turn Illegal Alien Over To ICE

  1. Thank you San Francisco progressive/leftys and gays and lesbians and the other freaks of the universe. 😡

    And yes The Donald was on the money.

  2. If it had been either one of my daughters I would’ve killed him on the spot with my bare hands if needed. This bastard needs to be executed immediately. And my stupid city council in Spokane wants to declare us a sanctuary city but the people are totally opposed to it, let’ s hope it dies quickly before we become another nightmare city like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland etc.

  3. That shit hole already has the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S. so that dog won’t hunt. Trump is now number one in the polls and him and Cruz seem to be finding some common ground.

    Stay away from liberal shit holes, their policies might get you killed.

  4. In mind of The Left (such as it actually exists), one woman’s life was expendable in the overall greater cause of Social Justice for illegal aliens. Now, if she’d been a tranny or a lesbian, then it might be seen differently…

  5. So, Illegals (as per those Dickweeds Juan Williams and Geraldo ) commit less crimes than Americans?
    They forgot every one of those bastards committed a crime getting here.
    AND They commit a new crime every damn day they wake up here and do not immediately take off for their home country.

    Release that bastard to my custody.

    He will not re-offend
    I assure you

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