San Francisco’s BART Will Block Surveillance Videos of Crime From Reaching the Public To Protect Black People From “Stereotypes”


Not only are they not going to release REALITY so people can be informed about what is happening in their city, the spokeshole bint said that these are “relatively minor crimes.”

Relative to what? Murder?

The victims in the videos they will not release were beaten in a strong-arm robbery and had property of up to $1000 stolen from them.


Eradicate the left NOW.

24 Comments on San Francisco’s BART Will Block Surveillance Videos of Crime From Reaching the Public To Protect Black People From “Stereotypes”

  1. This silly policy confirms what we know. It’s so bad that they feel they have to try to hide it.

    There are cities on the BART line (e.g. Oakland) that are heavily black, gang infested, full of illegal drugs, Democrat-controlled, and they are a mess. The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it and not trying to “whitewash” it. This is why smart and decent people are disgusted with PC-crap like this cover-up and Fake News in general.

  2. And the BART idiots don’t even have the slightest inkling that their decision only reinforces the stereotype, while encouraging and rewards the criminality.

    “If we don’t see it, it didn’t happen.”
    Pity their family members aren’t *required* to use the service.

  3. Also, note that they are withholding the videos so as not to perpetuate “false” stereotypes. They’re not false if they actually occurred and you have evidence on film.

  4. I’m actually shocked someone isn’t screaming “Racist!” just because a statement like this was made!

    This is really nothing more than Censorship.
    I mean, what else are they going to decide we don’t need to see?
    Brought to you by the Kalifornia Krempuffs who will gladly tell the average, hard-working, Church-going, over-taxed payer how to live, what to eat, how to raise their kids, what kind of energy we need, what kind of electric clown-car to drive and now what we are allow to hear, see and say, and as always, who to vote for!
    Book burnings at eleven!

  5. This is not just about the BART and retarded liberal scum in california. This is not even the first time its happening.

    I predicted here recently with all the talk about police body cams and the NYPD finally relenting and implementing a slooow rollout, that they would not release the footage either becuase of sensitivity to the savages.

    The savages have been calling for screaming, demanding, Bodycams everytime a brother is shot by Cops. Claiming always that “he din do nufffin…” and the video cam would prove it.

    Until the cams started proving the opposite and exonerating the Cops. The cams began to give insight into raw savagery going on routinely in the ghetto savage hoods, uncut and unedited like the footage from the news outlets and shows like Cops that cleaned up the action for public consumption. This is real stuff and it shows these animals how they actually behave, and its not the Huxtables…

    Now the same scumbags that were screaming for the cameras are demanding the police get rid of them. Too much evidence against them for court purposes and too much truth about how they act like animals and savages. Its just like the demorats/media scum demanding investigations 24/7 into Trump until they actually agree to do one. Then the investigation blows up in thier faces and shows it was them, not Trump, that are criminals and liars.

    The use and release of body cam footage will be banned probably. Or it will be required to be tampered with and edited so that it protects the animals from what they call “stereotyping”, or what we call the TRUTH.

  6. It only reinforces racial stereotypes if you only release video footage of crimes being committed by members of one particular race while withholding footage of crimes being committed by members of other races.

    If no other races are committing the crimes, it’s not a stereotype. It’s verifiable truth.

  7. Obama policies live.

    I wonder when the lawsuits begin? CA is such a litigious state, should be interesting, considering BART is using counter measures to ensure a lack of safety.

  8. And the Liberals want to get us out of our cars and on to public transportation where (disarmed if they have their way), we will be easy prey for Obama’s feral crotch fruit.


    I knew LONG AGO that when the media doesn’t show the suspect, it’s automatically a BLACK GUY.

    One news org. was so blatant they described only the CLOTHES of a wanted criminal and never disclosed his race. Guess what? After he was caught, it WAS a black guy, but I had to find that out in the local newspaper, not the regional one.

    Marine assaults/rapes Japanese woman in Japan. Had to go all the way to his local newspaper to see a quote from his BLACK FATHER to figure out the criminal was black.


  10. What Czar of Defenestration wrote. The other comments are very good as well. This is truly Orwellian hideousness.

    Then again there is the Streisand Effect, especially if the IOTW editors boil the commie bitchspeak down to a 30 second video.

  11. The same reason I knew common core would die a quick death. A data base provably showing a racial imbalance (not economic or geographic) couldn’t be allowed to exist.

  12. Ponder the logic of spending millions of taxpayer dollars on surveillance equipment whose purpose is undermined by the very idiots that just had have the latest in technology for watching everyone in the first place.

  13. Yesterday I met a lady who works in a BART train. I mentioned this nonsense and quipped that by not releasing this video they are by default admitting they were black thugs that did the crime.

    She shook my hand in affirmation and said, “bingo”.

  14. Why bother? We all know exactly what we’d see. Every possible stereotype being acted out by the very people they’re afraid of stereotyping. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and a cancer on the world.

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