San Juan Mayor stunned to discover she’s the Mayor of San Juan

Patriot Retort: It never ceases to amaze me how willing Democrat officials are to expose their own incompetence just to take a jab at President Trump.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz is one such Democrat official.

Hurricane Maria hit her city, and Mayor Cruz seems caught completely unaware of the fact that she’s the one who is supposed to be running San Juan.

She stood before a sea of supplies and whined about the fact that those supplies aren’t getting trucked out to the people.

”Oh, if only San Juan had someone in charge of the city who could get things going!!! What? I’m the mayor? Huh. Who knew?!”

Democrats demand people vote for them.

But when they get elected, they seem caught by surprise when citizens expect them to actually do something.  MORE

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  1. Stuck dead in middle America, I have no clue what a hurricane is like other than what we call “hurricane weather.” That means it’s sunny and unseasonably warm, aka very nice fall weather. That said, even my land locked ass is sitting on over 100 MREs, purified water, and water purification methods. Plus gold, cash, weapons, and ammo. Hey, it is after all tornado alley and EMP central.

    No disrespect, but what in the world are you coastal and islander people even thinking? Err, not thinking?

  2. Show me any run down, shot-up, burned out, poverty-stricken, rat-infested, crime-ridden city chock full of corrupt politicians rewarding cronies with public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens, setting up fat pensions for their union friends and I’ll show you a city run by democRATS for decades who “really care” about the poor by promising Free Shit and selling them Hope & Change every time there is an election. Evidently San Juan is no exception!

  3. How many Puerto Ricans helped their fellow Americans who suffered historic storms in Texas?
    Yet they’re a demanding bunch of little people, aren’t they?

  4. A guy from Puerto Rico called Howie Carr to talk about her. She is a huge fan of Chavez. She shows up wearing a beret and combat boots. She’s a commie. So that right there tells you she’s a loser.
    We were in P. R. about 15 yrs ago. An example of their attitude down there: there is a small bar on the side of the road. The customers drink beer and throw their bottles across the street. Our driver told us they were waiting for the government to go clean up after them. The place is disgusting. We went to what was said to be a nice restaurant. Inside was nice. We took the kids to the bathroom. It was out back of the building.
    It was overflowing, feces and all, into the street. Right next to where a hooker was standing.
    None of us will ever go back.

  5. The U.S. “won” (was ceded by Spain) Puerto Rico as part of the settlement after the Spanish-American War. The Spaniards have been snickering up their sleeves at us ever since.

    I believe any attempts by the U.S. to hand Puerto Rico back to Spain would be met by howls of hysterical laughter, followed by a diplomatic note saying, in effect, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

    Followed by more laughter.


  6. Ship the commies to Cuba, give the Island to Cuban exiles from Florida. Problem solved. La Alcalde can pick up dogshit with her face.

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