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‘Sanctuary City’ Chicago Takes Illegals Bused in by Texas, Settles Them in Suburbs


Despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) claim that Chicago is a “welcoming sanctuary city,” she is now sending illegals sent by Texas out to the suburbs.

The Windy City began moving towards declaring itself a “sanctuary city” for illegals at least as far back as 2015, and since her election to the mayor’s office in 2019, Lightfoot has reiterated that policy and said that Chicago is a “welcoming” place for illegals.

Regardless, she has blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott as a “racist” and a “xenophobe” for loading buses with illegals and driving them to self-appointed sanctuary cities including New York City and Chicago.

“This is about a cheap political point. It’s not about sharing the load. To Greg Abbott and his enablers in Texas: with these continued political stunts, (he) has confirmed what many of us had already known: he’s a man without any morals, humanity, or shame,” Lightfoot said early this month.

But now, despite her repeated claims to love illegals, Lightfoot has been found shipping the Texas deliveries to the nearby suburb of Burr Ridge, according to WGN 9 News. And town leaders there are both shocked and angered by the move.

Indeed, Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso said that Chicago did not coordinate with them before dropping off dozens of illegals at a Burr Ridge hotel. more here

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  1. I’m going to take a wild guess here that the community of Burr Ridge leans conservative. That was the plan all along. Ship the invaders to Republican enclaves, water down the vote.
    The men getting off that bus don’t look like they will be attending Sunday Church Services.

  2. Wait until the break-in go up. Then they’ll wish they had a warning shot before crossing the border rather than a kill shot by a pissed off home owner!

  3. (illegals enter hotel)
    LET ME DRAW YOU A MAP” (to lightfoot’s house)

  4. yep. Very similar to how the Democrats destroyed Hamilton County Ohio, just with a replacement population. This was a rock-ribbed Republican county for decades despite containing the People’s Republic of Cincinnati, but from LBJ on they incubated Democrats in the poverty and chaos of the projects. After a couple of generations, they developed Section 8 and used it to unleash the hate and want they had bred in the ghettos to everywhere the bus went, which was the whole county. They then tore the projects down and built condos for rich Democrats instead.

    This diaspora did two things. One, if filled neighborhoods with poorly behaved people that had no idea how to feed themselves without stealing, drug dealing, and Government, so they did all three. They had been raised to believe what Whitey did was wrong anyway, do why should THEY change?

    Two, this unsurprisingly drove those who could to flee the newly criminalized lifestyle septic tanks once we realized the police couldn’t help for places where its less likely roving gangs would shoot up our cars for fun with impunity.

    So in my lifetime. this deep Red county went bright Blue. And will never recover.

    This is the same game here, but with illegals instead. Its a plus for the Democrats that they are far less quarrelsome than the Black populations the Democrats corrupted so well, but just as likely to vote tyranny, because that’s what they are used to.

    Minus, the Democrats have to get creative so they can vote even though they’re not supposed to. Driver’s licenses all around, and you’re a racist of you ask someone who they are and what country they are from at the polls.

    Same game, different pawns.

    Your suburbs will fall the same way.

  5. @TRF: “Wait until the break-in go up. Then they’ll wish they had a warning shot before crossing the border rather than a kill shot by a pissed off home owner!”

    Self-defense is illegal in Illinois. But murder is OK.

  6. “Your suburbs will fall the same way.”

    They are unemployable. So the county will give them jobs at the local election office.

  7. This is what happens with every liberal idea, they love it until they decide to implement it in their area and they everyone screams NIMBY.

  8. On second thought, in Illinois you might be safer with an illegal alien next door than a ……say a. Well, you know what I mean.

  9. America is on the knee of the curve that tracks our travel from Prosperity to Suck! It only gets worse faster now that we’re on the slippery slope!

  10. “I am concerned neither the village administrator nor I were told about this,” Grasso said. “We want to know: Why Burr Ridge?”

    Why? Because she’s going to punish conservative voters and this is the best way to do it.

  11. So?
    Send em back to Chicago. Pronto.
    Don’t wait, don’t fuck around, don’t hesitate. Intercept the busses with armed force and turn them back.

    Does the Chicago Mayor have the authority to bus illegals into Burr Ridge?

    Burr Ridge is under NO moral or legal obligation to put up with this bullshit or financially support Chicago’s cast-offs (as far as I understand it).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Where was mayor Beetlejuice when Barry and now Joey were busing and flying illegals to red states? And the irony of her doing exactly what she is accusing Abbott of doing.

  13. Burr Ridge is one town over from me. There are 4 or 5 hotels there right off I-55 (Barack Obama Presidential expressway) that leads out of Chicago. The only place I can imagine they are being put up is the Extended Stay America hotel. I’ll take a drive by and have a peek. Oh, and fuck this place.

  14. Stop ’em in Kenosha, I don’t want any in Milwaukee. They might vote for Ron.
    -Mandela Barnes-door-left-open

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