Sanctuary State California: Neck Stabber Was Illegal Immigrant Deported 7 Times

Daily Caller: A California man suspected of stabbing a fellow diner last month is an illegal immigrant who’s been deported previously seven times, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells The Daily Caller.

The suspect, Eulalio Miniz Orozco, allegedly was captured on surveillance cameras on Dec. 21 getting up from his table while eating and brutally stabbing a fellow diner in the neck at Lola’s Supermarket in the Santa Rosa area. Orozco was arrested by local authorities Dec 28.

photo – Santa Rosa PD

Orozco is also known as Ricardo Velasquez-Romero, according to ICE. ICE placed a detainer on Velasquez on Dec 28 “in connection to a stabbing that occurred in Santa Rosa, Calif,” ICE spokesman James Schwab told TheDC.  more here

10 Comments on Sanctuary State California: Neck Stabber Was Illegal Immigrant Deported 7 Times

  1. You should read the arrest reports for even my county. You’d think you were living in Mexico City. They come up to our county from Sac county.

  2. The low-life doesn’t have a worry in the world! Nancy Piglosi just stated at a news conference that “thank goodness the illegals are here” and a number of RINO Senators have indicated that they will vote with the DemonRATS to shut down the government if there is not an amnesty deal forthcoming!

  3. The Feds like to step in and charge a cop brutality case with civil rights violations (depriving the victim of civil rights by a government official under color of law). Maybe we should consider charging Governor Moonbeam and any other Cali official who spouts this sanctuary city crap with depriving the victim of his civil rights because of the law enacted. You know, the frog march, etc. It’s just a thought.

  4. Well, shit! The turnstiles are working overtime! Que up the next Brown sanctuary state lambs, and have them ready for this fine outstanding nightmare, to slaughter.

  5. Well know we stabbing to death , Deported any family members that are in the USA illegal. What part of criminal illegal aliens this American people that are okay with criminal illegal aliens don’t understand.


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