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Sanctuary Stupidity Cost San Fran Six Figures


San Francisco is going to pay illegal immigrant Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno an estimated $190,000 settlement because the city’s police obeyed the law. When Zarceno came to claim his stolen car, SFPD noticed that he had outstanding warrants with ICE, so they called them to come get the fugitive.

Now Zarceno is going to get San Fran tax-payer money because the police went against the city’s sanctuary policy. .





7 Comments on Sanctuary Stupidity Cost San Fran Six Figures

  1. Good, but he better be spending that money in El Salvador.

  2. The U.S. has a lottery where 50,000 a year from all over the world can enter legally. In the grand scheme of things, and from the information provided, he seems to be pretty low on my list of people that need deporting.

  3. Pretty obvious San Francisco has too much money and doesn’t need Federal money.

  4. how can an illegal person live in san Francisco in the first place? rent’s are sky high- food- gas-electric bills et cetera are more than anyone can pay. Oh- maybe he get’s welfare and food stamps= free medical and all the thing’s WE have to pay for. Man, I want some of that free stuff seeing how I am retired-barely making it and living day by day working part time just to make ends meet. Maybe I will go out and get a sun-tan to turn brown and then claim I am a mex.. give me free stuff………….

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