Sanders Campaign Directors are Locking Down Their Accounts After Project Veritas Exposé

Redstate: We’re now on day two of Project Veritas released videos exposing a campaign worker under the employ of Senator Bernie Sanders. The campaign organizer, Kyle Jurek, has been on camera openly saying he is a communist, supports violence against political opponents, and burning cities to the ground if Sanders doesn’t win.

The first video was released on Tuesday…(READ: Project Veritas Releases the First Expose of Its Footage Inside the Sanders Campaign and It’s Disturbing)

…and the second was released earlier today…(READ: Project Veritas Releases Second Video Featuring Violent Sanders Staffer, Confirms More People Like Him In Campaign)

You would think that the Sanders campaign would at least try to distance themselves from Jurek or address it in any way, but they haven’t. Sanders and his campaign have largely attempted to ignore the situation. It’s helped that the media hasn’t done a lot to report on this as well. The tactic seems to be, ignore and distract.

This hasn’t at all stopped people from attempting to confront the Sanders campaign about what they’ve seen and heard from one of theirs on social media, and instead of responding, his state directors have apparently decided to privatize their accounts and shut themselves off as James O’Keefe has highlighted. read more

12 Comments on Sanders Campaign Directors are Locking Down Their Accounts After Project Veritas Exposé

  1. Let’s see if Elizabeth Warren will do the job the media won’t on this. She might be getting desperate enough to lob a couple Molotov cocktails his way.

  2. To late. We know who and what they are.
    Once a commie always a commie. The whole lot of them.
    If these commie’s think we will go quietly into the good night they are mistaken.

  3. “Burn cities to the ground.” LOL

    There are scarcely any minorities who want Burning Sanders to be the next president. I also doubt if Sanders has enough money to hire enough goons to torch major cities.

  4. That guy, Jurak, is so utterly ignorant. Read about Mao’s average Red Guard, Hitler’s Brown Shirts or any of the dictators’ flying monkeys and they are exactly like him: lower than average IQ, personality disordered, sadistic, and only effective in groups or the Lord Fly of a lot of larvae.

    He is why the gov’t school system can be called a complete failure.

  5. These accounts should be open as historically significant, allowing historians to see the killing fields start up in real time.

  6. That is pretty much the attitude of the whole demonrat party, isn’t it? They’ve been trying to burn down the whole country with their “impeach Trump” madness over the last three and a half years.

  7. Who’s gonna do the burning? Antifa? Delray and Lashona might have a thought or two about that. They be down with the struggle and all that crap but rioting because a bro got riddled is lot different than a bunch of pasty dudes marching through the hood.

    Oh wait, they mean they’re gonna burn down the “white” parts of town. Hmmm, good luck with that too.

    That leaves the latino neighborhoods…don’t think they’ve thought this through too well.

  8. Same as it ever was.
    Socialism, whether National (Nazi), Italian (Fascism), Inter-National (Soviet), Chinese (Chicom), Peruvian (Sendero Luminosa), or Cambodian (Khmer Rouge) always – ALWAYS – leads to genocide, concentration camps, misery, and death.

    It cannot be otherwise.

    BS knows this. BS’s followers know this. The Media which sucks up to BS and defends him knows this. The FBI which protects him knows this. The NSA and CIA which enable (and possibly finance) him know this. The only people (apparently) who don’t know this are the moronic schlubs who vote for him – the “useful idiots” in Lenin’s remarkable phrase.

    He’s NOT EVEN A DEMONRAT! But they let him drive their party!
    Doesn’t that tell everyone something?

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Locking down and scrubbing. This is just a preview of Bernie’s admin policy to be implemented within his Nazi Re-education Plan.
    Jurek just didn’t go far enough in explaining what’ll happen to those who refuse to be re-educated.

  10. Let this Jurek guy talk…he’s digging a grave for socialism.

    Let him rile up his side to the point they start their bloody revolution. We will settle accounts then. They seem to think they will win. We shall see about that.


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