Sanders Campaign Roiled by Workers Demanding Higher Wages

WFB: Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has made fighting for increased worker pay a major part of his presidential campaign, but the campaign has not been as committed to taking care of its own workers.

The Sanders campaign’s workers have been battling campaign management to give them the $15 minimum wage, which Sanders claims all workers must have, according to a report by the Washington Post. Internal communications from the Sanders campaign show field hires demanding an annual salary equivalent to a $15 hourly minimum wage. Earlier this year, the campaign’s staff became the first major campaign in history to unionize.

The union representing the campaign staff prepared a draft of a letter to potentially send to Sanders’s campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, this week. The letter blasted the campaign for paying “poverty wages.” more here

11 Comments on Sanders Campaign Roiled by Workers Demanding Higher Wages

  1. My socialist sis in law used to complain that she was loosing employees to McDonalds and couldn’t figure out why. Until I told her that she was paying $1.50 less than minimum wage to landscapers. She ran an environmentally friendly landscaping company.

  2. gin blossom
    JULY 19, 2019 AT 8:02 AM
    “Bernie will squeeze a nickel until the buffalo shits.”

    …I thought they used sheckels in Bernie’s day…

  3. If They remain true to the Commie Code, Even the Campaign “Manager”

    should make only $15 an Hour….Let’s see the Books.

  4. I thought Bernie was tighter than two coats of paint and now gin tells us he’s an animal abuser too!

  5. @gin blossom – More like squeezing the ruble till the bear shits.

    Just my 2 kopeks worth. 😉


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