Sanders doubles down, shilling socialism now as ‘love’

American Thinker:

Is there anything more cynical than rich-guy Bernie Sanders out shilling socialism for the rest of us, now marketing it as “love”?

I’m grossed out. Here’s what Fox News’s Tucker Carlson ran last night, showing the Berns in his own words:


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  1. His idea of “love” seems to be taking what I work hard to earn away from me and giving it to someone that didn’t.

  2. I just read a headline at TGP saying that Sanders’ plan for economic socialism is lifted verbatim from Stalin’s 1936 constitution.

  3. …It IS love.

    …They love to have complete dominion over US.

    …Just like their master, Satan, has over THEM…

  4. This guy is so full of shit. He LOVES money, and he had exploited he rest of us to get it. Like warren. Like clinton. Like kerry. Like obama. Like pelosi. Keep going….

  5. Anonymous JUNE 15, 2019 AT 2:07 PM
    “His idea of “love” seems to be taking what I work hard to earn away from me and giving it to someone that didn’t.”

    …after HE gets HIS cut, pays for all the friends and family members to “distribute” it, and they all get THEIR cut too, don’t forget about THAT…

  6. Bernie Sanders big mistake…
    He is attempting to speak for people he knows nothing about, Taxpayers!
    Believe it or not, the Constitution [1789] came before Socialism. [1849]
    The two systems of government proposed are absolutely incompatible one with the other. You cannot talk about freedom on the one hand, and government ownership of everything on the other. Bernie should be arrested for violating the oath of office.

  7. Has Bernie dusted off his Nehru jacket yet? That adorned with a few strings of puka beads around his neck will look nice at the inauguration. Peace and love!

  8. Abigail Adams I’ve read The gulag Archipelago at least 3 times since the 1970’s. My favorite part is The Soul and Barbed Wire in Vol. 2 about finding redemption under the worst of circumstances when Alexander Solzhenitsyn was saved from cancer while in the Gulag. I also highly recommend The Chronicles Of Wasted Time volumes 1 & 2 by Malcom Muggeridge and of course Witness by Whittaker Chambers. I have 2 copies of Witness now, my Regnery edition copy from the 1980’s and my dad’s Book of the month club edition from the early 50’s which I found while I was going thru all his stuff last year after he died. I’m keeping both copies.

  9. It kind of seems like Fur is hell bent on destroying any semblance of innocence I have left with his masterfully grotesque nude photo manips of Bernie, Michelle, Hillary, etc…

  10. @Geoff the Aardvark — This is a very delayed response (took some time off for good behavior and Fathers’ Day). Thanks for suggesting the second book. I really love to read Muggeridge. I have Witness as well, but Van der Luen told me that all I need to read is the Forward. I’ll get around to the rest of it sometime this year, I hope!

    (Are we going to see you in July?)

    Thanks again!


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