Sanders Drops Out


Sen. Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, clearing Joe Biden’s path to the Democratic nomination and a showdown with President Donald Trump in November.

Sanders made the announcement in a call with his campaign staff, his campaign said.

Sanders’ exit caps a stunning reversal of fortune following a strong performance in the first three states that voted in February. The nomination appeared his for the taking until, on the last day of February, Biden surged to a blowout victory in South Carolina that set off a consolidation of moderate voters around the former vice president. The contest ends now as the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, which halted in-person campaigning for both Sanders and Biden and has led many states to delay their primary elections.

Sanders’ departure from the race is a sharp blow to progressives, who rose up during and after the 2016 campaign and commanded the Democratic Party’s Trump era debates over issues like health care, climate change and the effects of growing economic inequality.

But even as his policies grew more popular over the years and into the primary season, the Vermont senator struggled to broaden his own support and galvanize a winning coalition. Now, as he did after leaving the 2016 primary, Sanders will seek to influence the presumptive nominee through the means he knows best — from the outside.

Biden has already made gestures toward Sanders’ populist base, which formed a movement over the past five years that could be critical to defeating Trump in the fall. 


48 Comments on Sanders Drops Out

  1. How much did Biden give him?
    Why did it take so long?

    Did Biden offer him Danish cookies in that blue tin?
    Did he fail to sway him with a vintage Rubik’s Cube? A subscription to The Daily Planet?
    Did Biden keep signing the check “Joey” with a happy face on the O?

  2. I sure Bernie left the race with plenty of cash and valuable prizes. On the bright side, he can quit pretending he is a Democrat now and go back to his normal routine as a parasitic, egotistic and power hungry despot-in-training.

    Joe Biden, on the other hand, will realize his nomination is unopposed no later than Thursday after next. So much for a brokered convention unless Biden also drops out – which is not out of the realm of possibility.

  3. The real estate agents in Vermont are licking their chops. The old commie has some cash to blow on a another mansion. Probably in a gated private neighborhood.

  4. The only job Bernie has had is running for President as a communist and accumulating a fortune in capitalist dollars!

  5. I’m sure Bernie banked $10 – $20 Million, should be able to get by. Plus his annual salary for life.
    The dems didn’t want to take the chance of a split vote in the primaries.
    If they can approve mail in votes for dead people or illegals, they think they will have a chance.

  6. Another beach front property in Grand Isle Bernie? Or are you thinking of buying all that idle property in Downtown Burlington that used to belong to Burlington College. You know, the one your wife defrauded and bankrupted.

  7. @woody, you got it. Most will be no-shows at the polls, others may enter revenge vote for Trump.

    Game over.

  8. The Democrats have all sorts of things they could use against Trump this year to give him a real run for the money, maybe defeat him and regain the Presidency.

    Apparently they have decided to nullify all of them by having as their candidate.

    Assuming, of course, they don’t have some hidden ace up their sleeve they are intending to play at the nomination, which would be very likely considering their nature and history.

    If they don’t then they’re just plain stupid but don’t know it.

    “The Democrats have all sorts of things they could use against Trump this year to give him a real run for the money, maybe defeat him and regain the Presidency.”

    Really? Like what?

  9. I won’t believe it unless Dementia Joe Obiden Bama confirms it with a live interview on Mourning Joe. If he looks down at his cards and says that Bolshevik Bernie is pulling out, I’ll believe it’s true. When will Doctor Jill awaken Sleepy Joe to start going over his flash cards?

    Wait a damned minute! You don’t suppose that Bernie realized that Obiden Bama was going to be replaced before the Full Catastrophe Convention? If that’s the case, this is a very smart move, because it could make Bernie the head Commissar at the Milwaukee Politburo Meeting. Or, he could be positioning himself for another run in 2024.

  10. It will never enter Bernie’s consciousness that losing to such a weak candidate as Joey B is a clear statement that his ideas have little nationwide support. He will just double his efforts to convince the poorly educated that jumping onto the Bernie-train would be a swell idea.

  11. How many times can Lucy yank the football away?

    Once more apparently!

    A rapist white man over 75 as the candidate for the party of feminists and minorities. Makes sense if you assume none were better qualified which the Democrat primary voters just did!

  12. Fox says there will be a “showdown” between Joey and President Trump. It’s hard to consider it a showdown when one of the participants shows all the cognitive ability and mature judgment of a speed bump.

  13. @Benito – Keeping those delegates (and trying to get more) does two things good for Bernie. First, it means he’ll be invited to haggle with the rest of the power brokers rather than sit alone in his hotel room smelling of halitosis and stale urine. Second, this may be the dem club plan to force a brokered convention by trying to get Bernies delegate count high enough to deny a first-ballot win for Joey the Dim.

  14. …guess no more debates then, huh? Looks like the DNC got what THEY wanted out of the deal, come what may…

  15. Uncle Al APRIL 8, 2020 AT 2:46 PM
    “First, it means he’ll be invited to haggle with the rest of the power brokers rather than sit alone in his hotel room smelling of halitosis and stale urine.”

    …you do paint a word picture there, Uncle Al. But the smells of denture breath, corrupt flesh, human waste leakage, and really bad ideas going off are endemic to the Democrat Party where the average age would be deceased if Satan didn’t still have a job for him, so the mouldy oldies he’ll be bartering with will scarsely notice in HIM what is characteristic odors of THEMSELVES…

    …but, you DID make me sad for some poor hotel maid who has ZERO chance of getting tipped by a rich socialist. Now I’ll be depressed for HER all day, because even if she’s an illegal, she should NOT have to put up with such. Deport all day long, but THAT much disgust is beyond the pale.

    Thanks, Al…

  16. I still think the Hildabeast will arrive to steal the convention. We shall see if I am actually correct.

  17. Hillezibub told him when to sit down and shut up just like last time. The stage is now set for the coronation of the Lizard Queen after Pedo Joe consolidates the party and hands her the car keys.

    No one and I mean no one will be the nominee but the satanic she bitch…

  18. Thus the tepid response towards Pedo Joe from both Bernard and Lieawatha….

    Read their transcripts, neither have actually endorsed him because they know he is a placeholder.

    With Judicial watch closing in and her writ of mandamus about to be denied she will run strictly as self preservation.

  19. Needs the time to search the obituaries to find a bargain in the housing market. Lick some doorknobs you grifting old shyster.

  20. Immediately after Bernie made his announcement, the stock market shot up 800+ points, but I am sure there is no connection. Whatsoever.


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