Sanders Operative lets veil slip – you resist change and you’ll be executed

It’s how the left rolls, historically. But this is new leftism, be assured.

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  1. I just read that Sanders operative was arrested for DUI and has/had a drug problem. This is how the Left rolls, too.

  2. In a just world these people would be interred in a Gulag for the rest of their lives. Make no mistake about it, ALL Progressives are of the same mindset. Each and every one of them has had the opportunity to be exposed to where implementation of their political agenda leads. Willful ignorance is not only not an excuse, it is validation that they know what they are up to.

    @ Anonymous JANUARY 15, 2020 AT 1:23 PM

    No shit!

  3. It’s time we changed the terms. Instead of assault rifles let’s start using terms like “Personal Defense Weapons”. We can’t keep letting the libs define our terms.

  4. What kind of street drugs is he on…
    The old geezer says: “It is our job to rebuild the United Nations”.
    The UN can rebuild itself in Africa,

  5. @ Anonymous JANUARY 15, 2020 AT 1:37 PM

    Absolutely. The dirty little secret that the Democrat Party does not want you to know is that a good 50% of the Democrat voters feel the exact same way these Bernie insiders feel.

    Truth be told – Bernie could successfully use this material as a campaign ad for the dem nomination

  6. @ Anonymous JANUARY 15, 2020 AT 1:37 PM

    Absolutely. Something like 50% of the Democrat Party are beyond sympathetic with the views being espoused on these videos, north of 30% are in lock step with these views.

    Bernie could use this Project Veritas material as a successful campaign advertisements for the Democrat nomination

  7. When is Bernie Sanders not like an angry old man trying to send soup back at a diner?

    Ask a simple question and he’s a heart palpitation away from stroking out.

    He’s going to be feeling the burn soon enough.

  8. @ Joe6pac on that note
    I’m pro local law enforcement but, why is it when the police have AR’s they’re personal defense weapons but when the public has them they’re assault rifles?

  9. Toenex, The only reason is because we have allowed the libs to define the terms that they use to defeat us. We need to recognize what they are doing and start defining our own terms.

  10. Kinda related…Bernie won the Oregon primary in 2016 by winning every single county in the state but one, where Hillary won by ONE VOTE (Gilliam Co.) Today the Warren Campaign headquarters in NE Portland was vandalized. Hmmm…

    Even HARNEY COUNTY with 352 votes for Bernie (236 for Hillary) My husband said “How in the @#$& did they find 352 votes for Bernie in Harney County!!?” And I said, well there’s probably about 352 teachers out there.” Boom.

  11. Don’t think for a second that the commies aren’t armed.
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  12. The FIX is already in play.
    Pelosi will not allow Bernie to be the Democrat nominee. Best of all, Bernie is down with it. He’ll get another free mansion out of the deal. He’s too lazy to actually take a job.

  13. Just to differentiate ourselves from the filthy revos, conservative men should shave every day, except weekends. And remove the fucking earrings and ear studs, if you have them.

  14. Yea joe, makes me crazy when people that should know better use the enemies lingo. When we adopt their nomenclature, we’re giving them more validity than they deserve. My biggest peeve along that line is the term ‘high capacity magazine (or clip, lol)’
    A magazine that holds 20-30 rounds is not a ‘high capacity’ magazine. If anything it is ‘standard capacity. High capacity is up to 150 rounds. And these little ten round mini magazines should be called just that; ‘little ten round mini magazines’.


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