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Sanders slams Israeli occupation, ‘disproportionate’ use of force


Democratic underdog offers scathing criticism of settlements, Netanyahu government, insists one can be ‘pro-Israel’ while supporting Iran deal.

TOI: WASHINGTON — While declaring his commitment to Israel’s security, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) accused Israel of using disproportionate force in its military operations and pilloried the settlement policies of the Netanyahu government, in a speech released Monday while the candidate campaigned in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After raising eyebrows by choosing to campaign in the mountain West rather than attend AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference in Washington — more

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  1. I hope Bernie and Hillary both suffer an an aortic aneurysm before the election. That way They’ll know they are dying.

    I want these people to suffer; I really do!

  2. Man, he looks exactly like Tim Allen (+40 years) after daring his wife to break something…

  3. Bernie Sanders has no concept of force, “disproportionate” or otherwise. You use the force to stop your enemy’s aggression, and to make your enemy never attack you again. Sanders would be clueless as Commander in Chief.

  4. When I was 18 years old, I was on a bus in San Francisco. This old man who looks just like Bernie came and sat down beside me. He was fumbling around in his coat pocket looking for something. I glanced over and he had those big lips just like Bernie. I started to get uncomfortable as I thought he was going to pull out a gun or a knife. Well, he had a hole in his pocket and he pulled his penis out. WTF! When I see pics of Bernie I go back to that experience on the bus. I detest the man.

  5. Never met an ‘educated’ Jew who wasn’t an idiotic liberal self-hating Jew down inside. Even among my lifelong friends. Even ones who consider themselves libertarians. There’s a misguided guilt that affects them after they’ve become successful. Oy!

  6. It is bad enough that this crazy cretin is actually an elected United States Senator (any wonder why we are 17 trillion in debt and being overrun with foreign low lifes) but now this filthy marxist dirtbag is considered to be acceptable enough to run for President! Lincoln once said that any kid could grow up to be President but he should have added that very few of them should!

  7. @Anonymous , there are educated Jews in my family who are not idiots. When you lump them all together like that, it can only be taken as offensive by the many good Jews in this world.

    What about Benjamin Netanyahu? You think he’s an idiot too? There are many educated Jews like him.

  8. I am surprised so many progressives criticize Israel. Everything about it should endear them to the progs: a nation of illegal immigrants, mandatory national health care, abortion paid for by national health care, recognition of same sex domestic partnership, recognition of ssm performed abroad . . . Does progressive love for third world peasant cultures trump all this?

  9. “Be the fustest with the mostest.”

    You defeat your enemies with OVERWHELMING force, not gradual proportional force. Proportional force leads to stalemate … which leads to Korea, Vietnam, &c.

    izlamo delenda est …

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