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Sanders speech will discuss ‘policy’, not ending his campaign

Inquisitr: Bernie Sanders on Wednesday announced that he will deliver yet another speech, a speech that is expected to stream live and one which has sparked further speculation that Sanders was, at last, going to concede the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton.

But that speculation was thrown into doubt, as Politico reporter Gabriel Debenedetti said he was told that the Sanders speech on Thursday, to be delivered at Town Hall auditorium in New York City, will not be an announcement that Sanders is finally ending his quixotic campaign for president, but instead simply a discussion of “policy.”   MORE

4 Comments on Sanders speech will discuss ‘policy’, not ending his campaign

  1. do you think the “vast right wing conspiracy” is really behind the burn’s staying in?

    boy the beast must really be playing hardball with the burn and not willing to concede anything to the burn during negotiations to get him to drop out.
    do you think she feels way too entitled to pay him to drop out?

    it puzzles me why after the burn met with the obama at the white house that he didn’t drop out.
    what did the obama tell the burn about the beast and staying in the race during their meeting?

    if only we had a msm to ask such questions.

  2. Hope it’s a bookend to Trump’s masterpiece yesterday. The Bunker Queen is not having a good week. Let’s keep it that way.

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