Sanders’ supporters post-DNC: ‘Our fire isn’t burning out’

BCT: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders might have lost the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but his passion and influence on his loyal supporters — as well as the Democratic party — may be felt for generations and beyond in the national political arena.

There’s no doubt that Sanders played a major role in bringing unity to what started as a bitter and divided convention last week in Philadelphia, according to Gerald Pomper, a professor emeritus at Rutgers University, who specializes in American politics and elections.

“He had considerable impact,” Pomper said.

Even on TV audiences.

The Nielsen ratings service determined more people tuned in to watch the Vermont senator speak than to watch President Barack Obama address the DNC.  MORE

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  1. Hillary keeps screeching about Russian hacking, but I think the real Russian dirty work was old school psyops and agitprop. Putin was actually more involved in discreetly nudging Bernie’s campaign along in order to wound Hillary by exposing how the system is rigged. Just as he will be discreetly involved in redirecting Bernie’s people away from Hillary. Watch where Bernie’s people go and who gets them there. I bet you find a Russian at the end of that rainbow.

  2. Yes. Let’s all celebrate the mainstreaming of communism. What was once freedom’s mortal enemy now has a happy face that we can all cuddle with

    Sorry. I’m slow to embrace collective stupidity and national suicide. Who knows. Maybe I’ll come around some day.

    But I doubt it.

  3. Here’s my thoughts:

    Putin does NOT want a war,-warns-journalists-of-war-i-don-t-know-how-to-get-through-to-you-people-video

    But perhaps people within his government DO, there are always war hawks.

    We know that Hillary has ties to the Russians, the Chinese and the Saudis.

    Methinks that Hillary wants a war because people who pay her want a war. War is big money. Why would people pay her big money to NOT have war? Hillary has already made jabs at Putin about the DNC email hacking.

    Putin would support Bernie because Putin wants to stop Hillary because Putin does NOT want war. Russia is not in a good place.

    Putin wants Trump to become president because with Trump he can have an ally who will help stop ISIS and prevent WWIII.

    Putin is KGB, he is not a friend, but he has always struck me as someone who loves his country and wants what is best for it.

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