Sanders takes fire from Clinton allies, Republicans, for socialist views

Welcome to the big leagues.


WaTimes- Sen. Bernard Sanders is starting to feel that heat that comes with leading the Democratic presidential race in the key early states, with rivals from both parties slamming him for promoting socialist views that they say are too far left for America.

Mr. Sanders, a Vermont independent who describes himself as a socialist but caucuses with the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, has been targeted for being a leftist both by a super PAC allied with rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and by candidates on the Republican presidential debate stage last week.  more

8 Comments on Sanders takes fire from Clinton allies, Republicans, for socialist views

  1. Wait Democrats are saying he is too left leaning. Isn’t this the same party that brought us Obamacare? Relinquished America’s control of the internet? Believes taxing the rich to transfer to unproductos and booing inclusion of “God” in their platform in 2012? This same Democrats? Proving once again….if you run as a Socialist, you get throttled in elections.

  2. At TMZ, there’s an article about Hellery making fun of the GOP about which woman to put on the $10 bill, but she doesn’t answer the question herself. You should look at the comments. I don’t think the clintoons have many allies left.

  3. No shit? That’s interesting, considering the Dem’s cast their lot with the Socialist doctrine many years ago… IMO, they’ve gone far beyond that, and I would consider most of them to be Fascist, Marxist, Communist pond scum… As far as the Republicans go, they’re closing the gap at light speed… Fuck every last one of them…

  4. That’s a hoot-at least he’s honest about it.

    Why do you think he has garnered such support? For REgressives, the race is who can promise more goodies.

    The fucking GOP isn’t far behind either.


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