Sanders – the hypocritical dope


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  1. Dope? He’s living large off the public dole – and we’re paying. In return, he’s trying to destroy the nation.

    Who’s the dope?

  2. This doddering, greedy corrupt piece of shit says that he became a millionaire by writing a best selling book but he neglects to mention that he used his campaign funds to buy over 400k worth of his book.

    Communist traitor needs to be hung on the steps of the Capital Building.

  3. It’s not immoral for a politician to be a millionaire, it’s immoral for them to become millionaires after they’re elected due to bribes, insider trading, corruption, ect. like all Democrats and most Republicans.

  4. If the guy had morals to begin with I’d call him a hypocrite, but…

    Furthermore, socialism is a scheme in which only the “elite” can get rich. At least under a free market, the “elite” simply get richer, but the masses have a shot at prosperity.

  5. Is there anything about Bernie that isn’t hypocritical, self-serving or just stinky?
    Oy what a slimy putz!


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